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smrtPhone Overview - Account Settings

Learn about the Admin Panel and Admin Settings inside smrtPhone

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Accessing your Account and customizing settings is super easy! Head over to Dashboard > Admin > Account Settings to get started. Please note that depending on your granted User Permissions, you may not be able to see everything outlined in this article.

From here you will find General Account Settings.

You will have access to four main tabs:

1. Call Engine

Account Settings Call Engine

A. General Settings

Change Owner - Only the Account Owner can change/transfer ownership.

Outbound Ring Time - This setting allows you to control the amount of time outbound calls ring, and will affect all Dialers.

Hold Music - Choose the music or audio file Contacts will hear when placed on Hold. Select one of our default sounds or select one from your Media Manager.

B. Default Call Management

Geo Caller ID - Force Geo Caller ID for all Users that have Default User Settings for Geo Caller ID. This will be your Global Default Setting, but can be overridden at the User level.

Pro Dialing - Force Pro Dialing for all Users that have Default User Settings for Pro Dialing. Their outbound calls can be monitored, and it turns on Hold and Warm Transfer options for the User.

Sticky Caller ID - Force Sticky Caller ID for all Users that have Default User Settings for Sticky Caller ID. Sticky caller ID takes priority over any Geo-Caller ID rules.

Show Call Statuses - Toggle Call Status select after a call ends.

Outbound Recording - Gives you the option to enable Call Recording for outbound calls.

Transcribe Voicemails - Gives you the option to transcribe your Voicemail messages. The transcriptions can be found in Inbox - Voicemails in your CRM or inside your Mobile App. An additional fee of $0.06/min will be applied.

2. Localization

Account Settings Localization

Timezone - This setting affects the Business Hours Flow and the timestamps present in the smrtPhone Web App.

Default Country for Phone Number Purchasing - When you go to Admin > Phone Numbers > Get a Number, the country selected will become the default when buying a Number.

Use the available filters to search for a number: Country, Type (Local, Mobile, Toll-Free), Capabilities (Voice, SMS, MMS), Area Code/Region, or even digits from the area code you wish to have.

Please take into consideration that some countries have different regulations.

Text to Speech - Choose the voice of the automated system that converts written text inside your voicemail recordings and greetings into spoken word.

3. Notifications

Low Balance Notification - Set a notification via email for when your balance reaches a limit that you have selected. This is a great way to never run out of Credit.

For Podio Users: Silence Podio Notifications - When a Communication item is created, you will no longer receive notifications in Podio.

All other CRM Users: This option does not affect your account.

Some of the features presented here are available only with an active Pro subscription.

4. Two-Factor Authentication

Verification is an essential step in online relationships with users.

The fourth tab in the Account Settings dashboard helps you to enforce the 2FA for the entire account, as an Account Owner.

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