Intro to Call Recording

A better understanding of how to set up and manage inbound and outbound call recordings - your calls can be recorded within the platform.

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Call Recording is exactly what it sounds like: a feature that allows you to record your inbound and/or outbound calls and save the recordings to your CRM or platform.

Call Recordings are used by smrtPhone clients for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Perform quality checks on agents and keep track of their performance

  • Provide training opportunities for agents

  • Understand better why deals close or not

  • Ensure important/complex deal information is captured

  • Enable compliance while guarding against disputes

It is important to comply with all legal and regulatory guidelines regarding the disclosure around recordings.

If disclosure is required, you can train your staff to announce or you can set a greeting message in your call flow (for inbound calls) because if you are in a call, you cannot turn the call recording off.

All these setting changes (on/off) are made while you are not on a call, you cannot start/stop the recording mid-call.

Call Recording comes default as ON for outgoing calls and Record from Answer for incoming calls. Only Account Owners and users with granted permissions can change these settings at any point.

Recording Inbound Calls

You can enable or disable the recordings for your incoming calls by accessing your Admin Dashboard > Admin > Call Flows.

Here you select the flow you wish to disable or enable recordings for, select the edit button (blue phone icon), and edit your Flow accordingly.

This setting is available when you customize your Call Flow when you select some of the applets (like Dial Applet or Round Robin Applet).

The Call Recording dropdown sets how the calls will be recorded - from when it starts ringing or when it is answered. You can also disable call recording for this portion of the call flow.

Recording Outbound Calls

You can enable or disable the recordings for your outbound calls by accessing Admin > Account Settings. There's only one setting for managing Outbound recordings (at the Account level, not the User level) in Account Settings.

Recording Calls in a smrtDialer Campaign

You can make changes to the Campaign Calls Recording function by accessing your Campaign Settings found under each smrtDialer Campaign that you created.

This feature comes ON by default, but Account Owner/Users with granted permissions can switch it ON or OFF at any point between dialing sessions by going to smrtDialer > Campaigns > Select the Campaign > Campaign Settings.

How Do You Listen to Recorded Calls?


Your call recordings can be easily found on your smrtPhone Dashboard. Just go to the upper right corner, under My Account, and click Billing & Logs.

Here, among other information about the calls, you can see the option to listen and/or delete specific recordings.

  • Press the blue Play button β–Ά to listen to those recordings. From the playback screen, the menu gives you the option to adjust the playback speed or download the recording file.

  • Press the File icon πŸ“ƒ to see more details about the recording - Call ID, Direction, From/To, Date, and also the actual recording - also, this feature comes in handy in case of transfers, because you can keep track of events

  • Press the Recycle Bin icon πŸ—‘οΈ to delete it

Your recordings will act exactly as you customize the setup, allowing you to listen to your call recordings and pull up the calls if you use filters like User, Direction, From/To. The recordings are available for you all the time, as long as you do not delete them.


For smrtDialer Campaigns: each Campaign stores its own list of recordings. So, to see your smrtDialer recordings, access the Campaign you are interested and on the right-hand part, you will see Campaign's Details, under Settings. Press the πŸ‘ icon to see all Calls and Recordings.

This will open a window with all the calls made in that campaign. You can listen, delete the recording, or push it back to the CRM if needed.

smrtPhone recordings (that can be found in Call Logs) are separate from smrtDialer Campaign recordings (that can be found at the Campaign level).

Where to find call recordings in your CRM

🌐 Podio

Recordings are stored in your Communications App for each call.

☁️ Salesforce

Recordings are stored in your Tasks App for each call. These provide links back to the specific recording within smrtPhone Web App. The file is not downloaded into Salesforce at this time.

πŸ”οΈ InvestorFuse

You can find the link for your recording in the Activity and Communication Log tab, on your Opportunities Dashboard. The recording can be downloaded from the newly opened tab.

πŸ₯· REISift

Find your recordings under Record > Activity Log and click on the blue call ➚ arrow.

This will open up another window where you can listen to that recorded phone call.

🟧 Forefront

To find your recordings, head to Pipeline, select the lead, and find the recording that you need.

Among all the details you can see in this window, you will also find the link that corresponds to the recording. Hit Listen to recording and then again Play β–Ά icon.

Resend the recording

If for any reason, the recording was not pushed to your CRM, you can activate the πŸ” button from both smrtPhone Call Logs or smrtDialer and resend the recording to your CRM.

Be aware that if you activate the Resent button multiple times, the recording will be sent as many times as you click.

Call Recording Storage

Please, be aware that storage fees apply at a rate of $0.0010 / recorded minute.

You can learn more about Managing your recording storage by reading this article here.

You can download the call recording file from the playback screen. Go to Account Menu > Billing & Logs > Call Logs. You can listen, view details of the recording or delete it.

Once you choose to see details, on the left side you can see: Call ID, Direction, From, To, and Date, and on the right side you can listen to the recording, modify speed, or select download from the playback screen.

Deleting Recordings

If you decide to delete the recordings, please keep in mind that they cannot be accessed anymore. Even if the link is still accessible from the CRM, that entry will be empty.

As long as you keep the recordings in smrtPhone, they are available to listen to and download. Also, they are chargeable as long as they live in smrtPhone.

You can delete smrtPhone call recordings from Call Logs. The smrtDialer recordings can only be deleted altogether from Recording Storage, where you can use bulk deletion and erase a month of recordings.

Resync Recordings

Each recording can be resync with the CRM by clicking the πŸ”Resync button.

If for any reason the recording was not pushed to your CRM, you can access both Call Logs and Total Calls from smrtDialer and resend it.

Any click on the resync button might either replace the existing recording or create a new entry in your CRM, depending on your integration. You could try refreshing the CRM page before clicking it too many times to avoid creating duplicates of the same recording attached to your Contact in your CRM.

We strongly recommend you notify your leads that the call is recorded to ensure regulatory compliance.

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