Using Recordings in your smrtDialer Campaigns

You must prepare the necessary recording/media files for your campaigns ahead of time (including voicemail drop and callback drop recording)

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When setting up a smrtDialer Campaign, there are two required recordings:

If you have smrtPhone Pro, you can also add a Hold Music recording to play when you put callers on hold.

Voicemail Drop

When you have AI Voice Detection turned on, the system will recognize when a contact's voicemail is reached, and it will drop this recording so it is timed to not be cut off.

When you have AI Voice Detection turned off, you will have to wait for the receiver's voicemail to be played and manually drop the voicemail. If you drop the voicemail without waiting for the custom sound of a voicemail, your message will not be properly recorded.

The Ring Time setting within the Call Engine determines how long the system will wait to determine if the call is answered, voicemail, or unanswered. The default is set to 20 seconds, which is approximately 3–4 rings.

Callback Drop

This is for multi-line dialing only, when you are dialing multiple numbers at once and more than one number connects. Instead of hearing a beep or hanging up, the callback drop recording will play.

Typically, this is a simple recording that says you're trying to reach them, and you'll call right back. When the agent is finished with the first call, the callback call will be automatically prioritized.

How to Set Your Recordings

There are two ways to set recordings: preset them in your Media Manager or record them directly into your campaign settings.

smrtDialer Campaigns can only use smrtPhone recorded sounds and no uploads.

Option 1: Media Manager

Under your Account Menu in the upper right, there is an option for Media Manager.

This is where all your team's recordings are stored and managed. We recommend labeling the files in such a way that you can easily identify which ones you want to use for each campaign's voicemail and callback drops.

You can only use files that were recorded directly into smrtPhone/the Media Manager in smrtDialer campaigns. You cannot use uploaded files within smrtDialer campaigns. You will see from the drop-down menus inside your campaign settings which ones are available for use inside of smrtDialer.

Option 2: Record directly in Campaign Settings

To record directly in a campaign:

  • Press the microphone button

  • Wait for the countdown

  • Record your message

  • If you don't like your message, select the microphone button again, and it will record over

  • If you like your message, select Save (cloud with arrow, as seen in red below)

  • Name your file, which will now live in your Media Manager

After this step is complete, you can proceed with configuring your Campaign.

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