Please note: The Media Manager section is now located under the Account Menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Pre-setting your Audio Recordings is helpful for:

  • Voicemail recordings

  • Callback recordings

  • smrtDialer campaigns

  • Call Flow setup

  • Custom hold music (Pro feature)

In order to import, view or rename your Audio Recordings all you need to do is to head over to the Account Menu ---> Media Manager.

In the newly opened window you will be able to upload your Audio Recordings by clicking on the 'Upload new Recording' button.

Note:  The Audio Recordings that you uploaded in Media Manager can be used only inside your Call Flows. This recordings cannot be used when configuring your Personal Voicemail. You have the option to upload a recording in the Setup Voicemail section.

The system also gives you the option to listen, delete or even rename your recordings by clicking one of the following buttons.  

The 'Filters' button allow you to search for a particular recording by it's name. It's a very useful option especially if you have a very large list of recordings.

Note:  This feature is available for both Standard and Pro accounts.

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