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How to import, view and rename Audio Recordings for use in Call Flows, Voicemails and smrtDialer

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Your Media Manager is where you store recordings that you'll use in Call Flows, Voicemails and smrtDialer. You can record files directly from the Media Manager. You can only create recordings and store them, but not upload any.

Pre-setting your Audio Recordings is helpful for:

(Disclaimer: at this moment, users can only record their Media Manager files.)

You can find your Media Manager by heading to your Account Menu in the upper right corner of your Admin Dashboard. This is where you'll record, view, or rename audio recordings.

In the newly opened window, you will be able to record directly into the system using your headset/computer microphone. Click on the microphone icon to begin the recording. Once you've finished, you can replay it and if you like it, don't forget to save it.

Audio Recordings from the Media Manager can be used by any user (with granted permissions) inside a Call Flow applet and for group voicemail.

The system also gives you the option to listen, rename, or delete your recordings one by one by clicking the right buttons.

If you want to listen to a voicemail, just press ▶️ the blue Play button. If you want more options, press the 3 dots near the recording, and from the drop-down menu, choose between Rename, or Delete recordings from the Media Manager.

The Filters button allows you to search for a particular recording by its name. This becomes handy when you have a large list of recordings.

♟Smart moves

For better sound quality in your recording, we suggest:

  • 🎤 Use high-quality equipment for your recordings

  • 🎧 Ensure a quiet environment during the recording

Media Manager is available for both Standard and Pro Accounts.

💡 Holding Calls

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