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Voicemail Setup - Call Flows

How to use the Voicemail Applet to send incoming calls to your individual or team inbox.

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Voicemail in Call Flow

Your Call Flow allows you to decide what happens to your smrtPhone incoming calls and is flexible and totally customizable.

Yet, if nobody answers, you want to give your caller a chance to receive a call back from your team by leaving a voicemail.

You can set your Call Flows to terminate in the voicemail inbox of an individual user or a team. If you do not specify which voicemail box to use, no voicemail will play for your caller.

Voicemail Applet in Flow Editor

From your smrtPhone Admin Dashboard, select Call Flows, modify each call flow individually, and add Voicemail where appropriate.

From the Call Flow overview page, all you have to do is to select the Phone icon πŸ“ž in Call Flows to edit them:

Decide what happens to a call if no one is able to answer it, meaning when the incoming call will reach voicemail.

For this to happen, drag and drop the Voicemail Applet into the designated seat.

Configuring the Voicemail Applet Settings

Once you drag the voicemail applet over, you have several options to choose from.

Who will receive the voicemail?

Individual Voicemail

Your users should already have their individual voicemails set. Simply choose which user you want from the drop-down.

To configure the individual voicemail, you can read this article here: How to set up Individual Voicemail β‡’

Team Voicemail

If you choose a team's voicemail, by selecting a Team, you have four options for editing the team voicemail, as you had while setting up your personal voicemail:

  1. Read text like a robot - The text you just typed will be read like a robot and heard accordingly.

  2. Record using a phone - The system will execute a phone call on the number that you provide. Using that phone as a microphone, you can record your personalized message by following the instructions given.

  3. Choose from your library - Under this option, you can find all media stored in your Media Manager.

  4. Upload an MP3 File - Choose a file from your computer and set it as your future voicemail.

Now, based on your selected options, when a call flow indicates a voicemail should be played, this is going to be the message heard by the caller.

Press Save Flow before exiting the page!

The prompt (outgoing greeting the caller will hear) will also apply in the case of an IVR menu, allowing the caller to know what to do based on your personalized options in the IVR Menu.

πŸ’‘ Using your Media Manager β‡’

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