Moreover, the article below will help you in setting up your individual user's voicemail recording to be used by incoming call flows, by following some easy steps.

First of all, getting into your account, you will find all the options regarding general settings, voicemail, and notifications.

Here, in My Account, by selecting the Voicemail tab, now you face the option to personalize your voicemail as you please, by pressing the edit button:

There are four ways a voicemail can be set:

1. Read text - the text you just typed will be read like a robot and heard accordingly.

2. Record - the system will execute a phone call on the number that you provide and thus you can record your personalized message by following the instructions given.

3. Choose from your library - under this option you can find all media stored in your Media Manager.

4. Upload an MP3 file - you can simply choose a file from your computer and set it as your future voicemail.

Press the Save button and you're all set!

Note: Keep in mind that this voicemail will be played by the system when you have selected an incoming call to route to an individual user's voicemail inbox in your Call Flows.

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