How To Put a smrtDialer Call On Hold (Pro Feature)

Learn how to use the smrtDialer hold feature

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Putting a Call on Hold in smrtDialer requires a Pro subscription

Pause an active call to locate another person or find necessary information with the Hold feature. When a call is on hold, neither you nor the caller will be able to hear each other.

Once a call is connected, you have the following options above the connected call box: Keypad, Send SMS, Drop Voicemail, Transfer Call, Hold Call, and Hung up.

⏸️ Hold Call is the option to hold the current call. This feature is only available for smrtPhone Pro subscribers.

When you select the Hold option ⏸, hold music will play for your caller and the green Connected to Call box will be labeled On Hold.

To go back to the call, click the resume button ▶️ or terminate the call by hanging up.

How to Customize Hold Music for smrtDialer

Users with the applicable Activity Management Permissions can set the specific hold music that will play when a caller is placed on hold in a smrtDialer campaign.

Go to smrtDialer > Campaigns > Call Engine > Media > Hold Music. Select one of our default sounds or something personalized from your media manager.

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