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Putting a Call on Hold in smrtDialer requires a Pro subscription

Sometimes you need to put an active call on hold in order to locate someone or find information. Placing a caller on hold means that neither you nor the caller will be able to hear each other.

Once the call is connected, you get four options underneath the green connected call box:

  • Disconnect

  • Drop Voicemail

  • Hold ⏸

  • Transfer

When you select the Hold option ⏸ , the person you are connected to will hear your hold music.

The green "Connected to Call" box is now labeled "On Hold"

To go back to the call, you can click the resume button ▶️ or you can terminate the call by hanging up.

How to Customize Hold Music for smrtDialer

Users with the applicable Activity Management Permissions can set the specific hold music to be used in the Campaign setup.

Go to smrtDialer ---> Campaigns ---> Call Engine ---> Hold Music . On the newly opened page, you will have the option to either select one of our default sounds or select one from your media manager.

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