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Warm Transfers and Conference Calls are smrtPhone Pro feature.

Warm transfers are used primarily for two reasons:

  • You have a hot prospect on the line and you'd like to bring another agent from your team in to take over the call. (Warm hand-off)

  • You have a call with a hot prospect and they would like to add in someone at their request (e.g. another family member). (Conference)

How to Initiate a Warm Transfer in smrtDialer

Once a call is loaded up, in the left hand side under the connected call, you see four options:

  • Terminate the call (hang up)

  • Drop voicemail

  • Put on Hold (if you're a Pro user)

  • Transfer the call 🔁

Select 🔁 Transfer the Call

A pop up box will give you options.

You can dial an external number/contact from your contacts app or you can call a teammate.

It also allows you to complete the transfer on answer (cold transfer) if you check the box. If you don't check it, you will stay on the line and can make an introduction.

Then you click "Start Transfer"

Assuming you stay on the call, when the new addition connects, you can make the introduction and explain the situation while keeping the original call on hold. You can then "unhold" at any time to connect all parties.

When you are ready to leave, you can Complete the Transfer. The two other parties will stay together and you will leave the call.

If the 3rd party you were trying to bring in did not answer or you got their voicemail, you can cancel the transfer from this dialogue box as well.

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