Call Script for smrtDialer Campaigns
How to add a call script your agents can follow when dialing smrtDialer campaigns
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A Call Script is a template you can set that will guide your smrtDialer agent during a call. It is flexible and can be simple talking points or a series of questions you want the agent to ask your leads to gather more information, or a combination of both.

The Call Script shows in the active call window, below the lead details.

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Who can use a Call Script?

All smrtDialer users can have call script functionality within smrtDialer Campaign Settings. No matter which CRM you use, it is up to your smrtPhone Account Owner and Users with granted permissions who are building and designing the smrtDialer campaign to create the Call Script.

Podio users have two options for Call Scripts:

  1. Call Script guide - responses must be typed into the Call Notes box and saved when the call. This can be created directly in the smrtDialer campaign settings.

  2. Podio Web form - responses can be entered directly into fields within your Podio CRM by submitting the form once complete. This must be created first in your Podio and then linked to your smrtDialer Campaign.

Salesforce & InvestorFuse users have one option for Call Script:

  1. Call Script guide. This can be created directly in the smrtDialer campaign settings.

All responses must be captured in the Call Notes field and saved by your agent when finalizing the call.

How to Create a Call Script in smrtDialer

The Call Script guide functionality is customizable by the Account Owner/User with granted permission who is creating your smrtDialer Campaign. This feature allows you to create a suggested structure for your agents to follow and supply them with prompts when talking to contacts.

Click on the tab labeled "Call Script".

This will open an editor window that allows you to type your script and apply some basic formatting design.

❗️Podio Users Note: if you are already using a Podio web form and want to switch, you must click on the Call Script hyperlink at the top of the tab window, next to the blue Lead fields button. Once you have enabled the Call Script Guide, it will disable your Podio Web form -- although the link will still remain and you may re-enable it at any time.

Format your script

To make the script easier for your agents to read and follow, we suggest you apply some basic design to make it easier for them to follow and glance through while actively talking with a client.

The options include (from left to right):

  • Header style - Title 1 (header), Title 2 (second header), etc.

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Underline

  • Strikethrough

  • Font size - normal, large, XL, etc.

  • Font color

  • Numeric list

  • Bullet list

  • Pull quote

  • Table

  • Hyperlink - static

  • Image

  • Divider line

  • Indent in

  • Indent out

  • Alignment (left, center, right)

Add Lead Fields

To make it even easier for your agents to sound professional on the call, you can have lead fields dynamically inserted into your script.

  • Click on the blue Lead Fields button to expand the list of options. Scroll to see more options.

  • Select the field you'd like inserted into your script - this will automatically copy it to your clipboard

  • Navigate your cursor to where you want the field in the script and paste the field into the script.

The Lead Field will appear as a dynamic merge tag - the name of the field surrounded by two percent signs. Example - First Name appears in the script as %first_name%.

Save Script

Once you have completed the script, press the green Save Script button at the bottom.

Create Template option

You can save the script as a template that is saved to your smrtDialer account. Name your template and save it.

When you create your next campaign, you can use the gray Template button to open a list of previously created call scripts. Select the one you want and it will populate the Call Script text box and you can make any desired edits to customize for the next campaign.

Also, if you not to keep your templates anymore, you can delete them. Select the bin corresponding to the one you no longer want among your templates.

How an Agent sees the Call Script

The Call Script you create appears underneath the lead window in the smrtDialer campaign dialing screen. The formatting will appear as you created it and any lead fields will be dynamically populated with the proper information.

In the above example, we used Header Title 1 for the words "Introduction" and "Questions", the Lead Field "first_name" to populate the lead name, and color to indicate what to do depending on the contact's responses.

How to Record Answers

When using the call script guide, all answers and responses must be typed into the Call Notes section in the upper right before a call is finalized. These notes then sync to your CRM.

Podio Users: How to Create a Call Script Web Form

For Podio users, there is an alternative option to using a call script guide that pushes the answers to individual questions directly into fields within your Podio CRM. This is achieved by using a Podio Web Form.

Your agent can complete it on a live call or immediately after a call is completed, but before it is finalized in smrtDialer. They must submit the call script before finalizing the call or the data will be lost.

There are two steps to creating a call script web form:

  1. Create the Call Script in Podio

  2. Add the Call Script in your smrtDialer Campaign

The first step has to be done in your Podio CRM, to create and format your call script web form. You can use Podio Market and install any Webform that you would like to use and relate it to your Communication App.

The three most important things to make sure your Call Script appears in your smrtDialer Campaign are:

  1. Make sure it's correctly linked to the lead record.

  2. Enable it as a web form

  3. Authorize smrtDialer ( to access the web form.

Below are the step-by-step instructions...

How to Create a New Call Script Web Form

First, go into the Call Script App and click the green button that says "Add Call Script"

An example template Call Script will appear. You can then personalize this exactly as is needed for your campaign.

To personalize your Call Script, click on the Wrench - Modify template. Here you have more fields to choose from to create your ideal call script/data entry form:

Drag and drop your needed fields. Include instructions, dropdowns, open fields - whatever you need to collect critical data. You can enter as many fields as you want.

Remember to add the Relationship field to link with the app that contains your Lead information that you want to be in your Call Script.

❗️ Keep in mind: if a Call Script is not correctly linked to the leads you are calling in your campaign (even if it exists in any other contact app) no call script will show when that lead is dialed. Therefore, you need to use Relationship Field to ensure the information entered into the Call Script form in the smrtDialer campaign is properly transferred to the lead record in Podio. (Watched the video above to see how to confirm that it is properly connected)

Enable a Webform

The next step is to enable these app fields as a webform, which allows them to be accessed by any browser window. On this screen, you have even more opportunities to customize your call script and how it will appear in smrtDialer.

Under the Wrench icon (🔧) is an option for Webform. Once you click into that, you can select which fields from the App you want to show in the form. You can adjust the instructions, the title, and so on ( just make sure you keep the relationship field that leads back to your lead list.)

Authorize Access

Once the form is formatted the way you want, you must give smrtDialer permission to see it. Scroll to the top of the web form to the area for "Allowed Domains"

Make sure you enter the URL for smrtPhone/smrtDialer: Without this step, Podio will not authorize smrtDialer to access the form and add the data to the Lead record.

After you finish with all the settings that you need in your webform, simply press Save&Share.

This step will provide you the Podio Webform URL that you need to add to your smrtDialer Page.

⏩ Don't close this window, will be handy later.

How to set your Call Script in a smrtDialer Campaign

Now that you've created your Call Script, you need to add it to a smrtDialer campaign.

To set a Call Script for a campaign, go to smrtDialer > Campaigns > Select your Campaign that you wish to customize, and then select Campaign Settings.

In Campaign Settings, there are four tabs: Call Engine, Podio Mapping, Call Script, and Permissions.

In Call Script you have the option to insert a Podio Webform URL. You can also enable or disable it, as needed.

Go back to your Podio Web Form page and copy the URL, paste it into the Call Script field, and press save.

Of course, you can choose the customized Call Script, and just use your own script, not a webform.

Depending on your campaigns, different Call Scripts will appear during the call, under all your lead's details. It will include all of the fields you previously set.

Now, your agent can scroll throughout and complete the form while on the call - or they can pause dialing and complete the form before finalizing the call. It's extremely important to train your agents to submit the Call Script form BEFORE finalizing the call.

Note: You can create as many call scripts as you need, generating a different web form URL each time, to match your various campaigns. A hot tip is to duplicate an existing Call Script and modify it, rather than always starting from the smrtDialer basic template.

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