smrtDialer Seat Management

Configure how many seats you have an which of your Users can access smrtDialer campaigns

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When you subscribed to smrtDialer, you selected the number of user seats (licenses) you required. This refers to the number of people who can use smrtDialer at the same time.

Because smrtDialer seats are nameless, you can switch in and out of any agent to maximize your time dialing for the bare minimum of seats. Only the Account Owner and Users with appropriate permissions can assign Agents to a Campaign.

This article, along with this video, will help you understand smrtDialer Seat Management.

Assigning Users to Seats in smrtDialer

It is up to you who fills your seats. You can rotate users in and out as needed for your scheduling and staffing. You can assign any user from your smrtPhone account to make calls on a smrtDialer Campaign.

Go to Menu > smrtDialer > Setup and select users to be assigned to the available seats by clicking the βž• box.

Users can access smrtDialer, but only users who are assigned to seats can run a campaign and make calls. You can also control which Agents can see individual Campaigns.

Modify the Number of smrtDialer Seats

Add or remove seats by clicking on the green Add or Remove Seats button. This capability is a User Permission that can be assigned.

You will receive a pop-up notice every time you add or remove seats in smrtDialer that notifies you of subscription price changes. The subscription charges will begin immediately.

Call Statuses in the smrtDialer start as default, and only some of the integrated CRMs have the option to add personalized ones.

Learn how to customize call statuses if you are a Salesforce, InvestorFuse, REISift, Forefront, or Podio user β‡’

Assigning Agents to Seats in a Campaign

The first step is to reach the Campaigns Tab, which can easily be found in your Admin Dashboard > smrtDialer > Campaigns. Here you can find a list of your current Campaigns that are ready to be called.

To assign agents to a certain campaign, you open it by simply clicking on its name.

The next window that opens allows you to make changes by opening Campaign Settings.

In Campaign Settings, there are some tabs that are customizable. One of them is Permissions.

By clicking on Permissions, you have the option of assigning your agents to a certain campaign. You can distribute agents on campaigns, which means they are allowed to see campaign details and make phone calls:

  • Allow All Agents - All of your agents in this campaign can see and use it

  • Selected - Only the agents that you add to this campaign will be able to start a call session and see details

Save Permissions, and the agents will see the campaign to which you assigned them. You can set different permissions for different campaigns for greater control.

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