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What Happens to Billing when I Change my Subscription Level?
What Happens to Billing when I Change my Subscription Level?

If you change your subscription our billing system will update and pro-rate any changes.

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Do you wonder what will happen to your invoice if you add or remove a seat in smrtDialer? What will happen if you change your subscription from smrtPhone Standard to smrtPhone Pro or the opposite? This is the video for you!

Moreover, this article is going to briefly explain what happens with your balance and your billing system after changing your subscription plan.

Stripe - smrtPhone's payment gateway platform - handles smrtPhone and smrtDialer Subscriptions.

We charge separately for your smrtPhone and smrtDialer subscription(s). These charges happen monthly or annually, depending on what you've selected. You will also see charges for replenishing your credit balance, which can be variable, depending on usage and whether you have auto-top up enabled or top-up manually.

This article covers what happens if you:

  • Downgrade from a Pro to a Standard smrtPhone Subscription or from Multi-Line to Single Line smrtDialer

  • Upgrade to a Multi Line Sales Dialer (smrtDialer)

  • Add seats in smrtDialer

If you upgrade or downgrade, the changes will be immediate. You can always be sure that your billing is fair, by checking your receipts in Billing History.

What happens if I decrease my subscription level?

Pro to Standard and Multi-Line to Single Line

In case you downgrade from Pro to a Standard smrtPhone Subscription or from Multi-Line to a Single Line Sales Dialer, the change happens immediately. We will apply credit for the unused days under your higher-level subscription toward your next payment (at the lower rate.)

In other words, we take the remaining subscription balance and use it as credit for your new subscription. It will not be refunded, but rather applied forward. Your money is still there to enjoy the smrtPhone or smrtDialer plan(s) that you selected.

Annually to Monthly

Things are not different when switching from an annual to a month-to-month subscription.

Although you may opt for this change at any time during your annual subscription term, you will not get a refund.

The change from Annual to Monthly will take effect immediately, and the remaining credit will be added to your Stripe account and used for further subscription payments. This switch will happen at the then-current price for the monthly subscription.

What happens if I upgrade my subscription?

The process of prorating will be the same if you decide to upgrade.

When you upgrade from Standard to Pro Subscription or from Single Line smrtDialer to Multi-Line, you will be charged instantly.

However, our billing system (Stripe) will do calculations about credit deserved and will charge accordingly. This means if there was still time left on the previous subscription until the next billing date, that money will be used toward the new subscription level.

What happens if I add smrtDialer seats?

If you decide to buy another seat for your smrtDialer subscription, that seat will become active immediately.

To keep your credit card billing simplified - so you do not get charged for one seat on one day of the month and another on a different day of the month - all seats will automatically update to a renewal date of the most recently added seat.

The unused portion of the subscription term from the older seats will be credited toward the new charge. This means you will see an invoice for the new total of all of your seats and an offsetting credit for the unused portion, giving you a net amount for the new seat and an updated, singular subscription renewal (billing) date for the package of seats.

Visual Examples

Consulting your Products tab within Billings and Logs you will only see a single billing date for smrtDialer seats, even if you have multiple ones purchased at different times.

On your invoice, you will see a charge for all of your seats (previously purchased and new ones) right at the moment you purchase the new ones. But this does not mean you are paying it twice!

As you can see in the image below, with an Annual smrtDialer Subscription plan, Stripe will calculate and regulate the payment from the unused time. It will draw the money for the next payment from this and you will not be charged twice for the same product.

The unused time on each product will be used by Stripe as credit for your next bill, even if you cannot see it in your balance, you will see it in the receipt.

While the invoice may look a little confusing, the end result is a simplified billing cycle where all of your smrtDialer seats renew on the same date. If you have any questions about your billing, subscription renewals, upgrades, downgrades, or invoices - and you can't find the answers here in our documentation - please contact Support on live chat weekdays 9am-9pm.

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