Do you wonder what will happen to your invoice if you add or remove a seat in smrtDialer? What will happen if you change your subscription from smrtPhone Standard to smrtPhone Pro or the opposite? This is the video for you!

Moreover, this article is going to briefly explain what happens with your balance and your billing system after changing your subscription plan.

Stripe - smrtPhone's payment gateway platform - handles smrtPhone and smrtDialer Subscriptions.

If you want to:

the changes will be immediate, according to your new subscription plan.

What happens if I lower my subscription level?

In case you remove seats or downgrade to a Standard Subscription or a to Single Line Sales Dialer, we will apply credit for the unused days under your higher level subscription toward your next payment (at the lower rate.)

In other words, we prorate the remaining subscription balance and use it as credit for your new subscription. It will not be refunded, but rather applied forward. Your money is still there to enjoy smrtPhone or smrtDialer features that you selected and are charged accordingly to your new subscription plan.

You can always be sure that your billing is fair, by checking your receipts in Billing History.

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