smrtDialer is a power dialer built for smrtPhone

Similar to smrtPhone, smrtDialer operates on a subscription + usage, pre-paid model - so you never get hit with a surprise invoice.

smrtDialer is an add-on to smrtPhone

To use smrtDialer, our sales dialer, you must have a smrtPhone subscription.

It does not matter which subscription type you have (Standard or Pro, Monthly or Annual.) However, if you want access smrtPhone Pro features such as call monitoring for smrtDialer calls, you must have a smrtPhone Pro subscription.

smrtDialer Subscription

Dialer Line Options

smrtDialer has two subscription levels: single line and multi-line. With the single line smrtDialer, your outbound calls are automatically dialed in a streamlined and efficient manner, saving you valuable time. The multi-line dialer allows you to dial out on up to four lines simultaneously - perfect for powering through large lead lists in a fraction of the time.

Per-seat Billing

smrtDialer subscriptions are billed on a per-seat basis. The seats are unnamed, and any User on your account with appropriate Finance and Billing permissions can swap users in and out of the seats as-needed, to maximize your dialing time. Learn how to assign users to seats >>

Monthly or Annual plans

smrtDialer subscriptions can be billed monthly or you can pay for a year at a time, for a 20% discount.

Current pricing

For current pricing, please visit the smrtDialer pricing page of our website.

As of January 2022, pricing was set at:

  • Multi-Line Seat: $90/mo or $900/yr.

  • Single Line Seat: $50/mo or $500/yr.


In addition to the subscription fee for the seat(s), smrtDialer users pay for usage. This includes the call time on each of the 1-4 lines, plus the time it takes to listen to and leave voicemails when a call is not answered. So you have to take into consideration costs/fees applied per user/active agent calling, according to our pricing policy (for calls, text messages, and voicemails that occurred while running campaigns) added to the smrtDialer subscription.

Usage is deducted from your pre-paid credit balance. Enabling Auto-Top up will help keep your call rhythm from being interrupted if you hit a zero balance. Learn how to enable auto recharge >>

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