Did you know that we offer 4 products to help you connect better with leads and close more deals?

They fall under three broad categories:

1. Cloud-based Phone System

2. Single or multi-line Power Dialer

3. smrtLeads

Note: You must have a smrtPhone subscription to use smrtDialer or smrtLeads.

Cloud Based Phone System

smrtPhone Standard

The only cloud based phone system focused on deep integration with your CRM to make your work streamlined, more efficient, and more productive.

▶️ All calls, texts, and voicemails automatically logged
▶️ Automatically sync your contacts
▶️ One-click call/text from your CRM
▶️ Fully customizable to fit your business
▶️ Simple user, group, phone number, and inbound call/SMS flow management

▶️ Call recording available
▶️ Full featured iOS and Android mobile apps
▶️ KPI Reporting
▶️ 10 users included

Perfect for small teams and startups.

smrtPhone Pro

Boost productivity and operational transparency with premium features. Includes everything from the Standard plan plus:

▶️ Call Monitoring

▶️ Agent coaching tools including Whisper and Barge

▶️ Hold functionality

▶️ Warm transfers

▶️ Conference call functionality
▶️ Geo-caller ID
▶️ Unlimited users

Popular with companies that target multiple regions or have geographically dispersed teams.

Power Dialer

smrtDialer Single Line

A sales dialer to supercharge your outbound calling.

▶️ Upload Excel lists and push only warm leads to CRM

▶️ Pull lists from CRM for easy follow up

▶️ Unlimited Leads

▶️ Unlimited Campaigns
▶️ Voicemail & callback drops

▶️ Call scripts with merge fields

▶️ Lead window with customizable prospect details

▶️ Unnamed seats allow for flexibility in agent scheduling
▶️ Full suite of call monitoring tools (for smrtPhone Pro subscribers)
▶️ Campaign and agent insights to improve efficiency
▶️ Wrong number removal and DNC protocols

▶️ All calls, notes, and dispositions automatically logged in CRM

smrtDialer Multi-line

Everything included in the single line subscription plus:

▶️ Simultaneous dialing on 1 to 4 lines - you choose how many, based on your campaign

smrtDialer can be added to smrtPhone Standard or Pro plan and is ideal for any company looking to maximize outbound call volume.

smrtLeads - now in Beta

This is a smart way to be confident that your lead lists are clean, authentic, and ready to be called.

▶️ Excel and Webhook sources for your lead lists (CRM lists coming soon!)

▶️ Easy source configuration

▶️ Create custom, dynamic Dial Lists based on lead attributes and push them to smrtDialer campaigns

▶️ DNC Scrubbing

▶️ Skip Tracing

▶️ DNC Profile

▶️ Push only qualified leads to your CRM

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