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Monthly Usage and Charges

In Billing and Logs you can see your monthly charges and usage

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Easily view your monthly charges for Phone Numbers and Inbound / Outbound Communication via your Admin Dashboard. Click on Billing & Logs, and then πŸ“Š Usage

from the left-hand menu.

Here you'll find granular details about your usage and monthly costs:



Average price


Phone numbers

The number of phone numbers owned

Set by the average of your phone numbers' prices

The charge for all phone numbers you currently own at their prices

Inbound / Outbound Communication - Calls / Texts / Video Calls

The amount of Incoming / Outgoing calls or texts you operated on your account

Applied per minute from the moment of dialing, or per text

The charge for all Incoming / Outgoing Communication by categories


Total of calls made through the smrtDialer campaigns

Applied per minute, from the moment of dialing

The total charge for all calls made via campaigns

Recording Storage

This can be easily managed from the Recordings Tab below Payment Method

Each recorded minute is charged monthly at a flat rate of $0.0010

The charge for all your stored recordings

Charged SMS Carrier Fees

These fees are dictated by the carriers.

Each text has a cost, depending on the type: SMS/MMS, Registered / Unregistered.




smrtPhone charges all applicable federal, state, and local taxes based on the caller and call recipient.

A.I. Voice Detection

Manage it at the campaign level, and decide if you enable/disable it.

A.I. Voice Detection costs $0.01 per connected call. (A call that is not answered will not be charged.)

The charge for all time spent by the system recognizing the robot on the other end

❗The charge applies from the moment when the call was engaged (moment of dialing, not when it was answered or reached voicemail), being considered a minute, and 1'1'' (one minute and one second) will be counted as 2 minutes and charged accordingly.

At the bottom of this list, you can also find the total charges. You can also check the How much does it cost to call with smrtPhone article. To see prior months, use the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

The information about your subscriptions (smrtPhone or smrtDialer) can be found on the next tab, πŸš€Products.

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