Call charges are priced per minute.

The costs vary from country to country and also depending on whether the call is inbound (you receive a call) or outbound (you make a call), whether it’s made using your added device (cell phone) or the web phone, and whether you choose to record the call or not. However the variants between these options are minor, often times a fraction of a cent.

Calls that are forwarded to your cell phone or landline through smrtPhone have and added cost, as you must make an additional outbound call from smrtPhone to your cell phone every time you receive a call. The standard rates apply. 

To get detailed info on call rates for different countries, and also additional call services. For current pricing, please visit the pricing page of our website. For calls within the U.S., we have a US specific pricing guide to account for legal and regulatory fees.

You can also check the Call Logs and SMS Logs menus in your smrtPhone account, to see the actual prices for every call/sms that you make or receive.

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