Automatic Opt-Out Message for SMS

Enhance text compliance with automated message appending and Do Not Text (DNT) list management

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Telecom regulations require consent before texting and simple opt-out processes for you contacts to revoke consent. To facilitate the second requirement, smrtPhone automatically appends your outgoing text messages for greater compliance.

πŸ’‘ Reminder: All phone numbers you use for texting must be registered to an A2P campaign or the messages will not be sent.

Timing of the Automatic Message

The automatic appending of messages to include the required opt-out information will be:

  • First time you send a message to that contact phone number.

  • Every 30 days after original message was sent.

Automatic Message Text

Your message will be appended with an opt-out line that includes the most important elements: The name of your company and instructions on how to opt-out. We use the company name entered when signing up for A2P 10DLC.

The text we add says: Message sent by {Brand Profile Company Name}. To opt-out from texts reply with "STOP".

The appended message characters count toward your character limit for text messages and may require a second message, depending on total length.

English and Spanish Versions Available

The default language for the automatic message is English. You can change this to Spanish by going to Admin > Account Settings > Compliance tab and selecting Spanish from the drop down menu.

What Happens if Someone Opts-Out?

While the appended message we include uses the word STOP, there are several other recognized words that are considered action to opt-out when typed in a single response message by your contact. This includes STOP, END, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOPALL, CANCEL and QUIT.

When your contact types any of these opt-out words, our system automatically adds them to your DNT (Do Not Text) list. Further, our underlying carriers recognize these words and will automatically block you from being able to send text messages.

Your contact will receive confirmation they have been opt-ed out, with instructions on how to opt-in again.

Do Not Text List (DNT Numbers)

This list is visible from your Admin menu, by selecting DNT Numbers from the submenu.

Any contact number that has responded with an opt-out word will be placed on this list. Included in the record is the message they sent to revoke SMS consent.

You can add contact numbers to this list manually, in the case that someone has verbally requested no texting, or if they have let you know from one number that they want all of their numbers to be opted-out from your text messages.

You cannot remove numbers from this list.

All numbers on the DNT list cannot be reached by text message from any Caller ID on your account. The list is enacted globally for your account.

Being placed on the DNT does not disable voice calls. You must place the number on your smrtPhone DNC list to block the ability to place calls to the number by all of your users.

Regaining Consent to Text

If a contact wishes to return to receiving text messages from you, they should send you a text message that says START, YES, or UNSTOP. This will automatically remove them from your DNT list, and you will be able to reach them by SMS again.

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