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DNC List Management inside smrtPhone
DNC List Management inside smrtPhone

Your smrtPhone DNC list acts globally across all products to prevent you from contacting individuals who do not want to be contacted

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To comply with legal regulations regarding contacting prospects and leads, you can maintain a Do Not Call (DNC) list within your smrtPhone system.

The DNC Numbers

The DNC Numbers List is global across your entire account:

  • DNC list operates at a company level (not by user)

  • Disables outbound calling that number

  • Impacts both smrtPhone and smrtDialer

If a lead or prospect indicates that they do not want to be contacted by you, by law you must not reach out again by phone. The DNC list is the easiest way to ensure this happens because our system will automatically check all outbound communications against the list and prevent you from contacting them.

This action will also be applied to text messages. Adding a number to your DNC list impacts both calling and sending SMS text messages.

How to Add Numbers to Your DNC List


You can manually add numbers to your DNC list in smrtPhone by going to Admin -> DNC Numbers and adding the number there.

You can also add to DNC directly from the smrtPhone dialer by selecting Add to DNC from the Actions menu when finalizing a call.

Add number to DNC outbound call

Creating a custom call status called DNC does not add a number to your smrtPhone DNC List. You must use an action button.

Bulk List Upload

You can use an Excel/CSV document to add an entire list to the Do Not Call list.

Head to Admin from your smrtPhone Dashboard -> DNC Numbers -> Add to DNC, and from there, choose the option to upload a document instead of adding numbers one by one.

To prepare your file, you must have a single column with the phone numbers you wish to disable within smrtPhone. Add all the contact numbers you need to be imported to the DNC list on the first sheet, first column. Everything else will be ignored.

smrtPhone only reads the first column in the first sheet of a DNC file for bulk upload.

Add number to DNC

After you select your file, click on Add to DNC green button. You can see the notification on the right part of the screen that your request is processed. Shortly, your list will be uploaded and you will find all the numbers you uploaded in your Do Not Call list.

Adding a number to the DNC list also disables it for both voice and texting.


You can manually add numbers to your DNC list in smrtDialer from the DNC Numbers option in the main smrtDialer dashboard. Numbers can be added automatically to the DNC list using smrtDialer Call Statuses. Learn about DNC within smrtDialer

Lead generated

You can also let contacts put themselves on your DNC list. You can set an IVR phone menu option so callers get the option of opting out with a single key press.

delete number from DNC

How to Remove Numbers from Your DNC List

To remove a number, you must have granted permission. Navigate to the DNC List section of the Admin menu. Find the number in question, and click the Remove button (trash can icon).

You must confirm the reason why you are removing a number from the DNC List.

Delete number from DNC

DNC Number List is Different from Spam Number List

The DNC List is about outbound calls - allowing contacts to opt-out. The Spam List is about blocking incoming calls and text messages, effectively weeding out the people you do not want to hear from.

DNT List

The Do Not Text List is slightly different from the Do Not Call List. You can get to this list by choosing DNT Numbers from the submenu on your Admin menu.

💡Spam List

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