It is possible to block numbers directly from the smrtPhone Dialer. Learn how >>

Below are instructions on how to manually add a number to your blocked list.

You can block numbers from being able to call you in smrtPhone using the Spam Numbers List

To add a number to the Spam Number List:

  • Go to Admin Menu (≑) in left navigation

  • Select Spam Numbers 🚫

  • Click the green βž• Add to Spam Number [list] button in the upper right

  • Type the phone number into the prompt. We recommend you use the international format for the number and disregard spaces or dashes. This means adding the +1 before the number for U.S. clients.

  • You will get a confirmation if the number has been added. Click OK.

To remove a number from the Spam Number List:

  • Find the number within the list

  • Click the delete button (trash can icon) next to the number

  • Confirm that you want to remove the number

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