To comply with legal regulations regarding contacting prospects and leads, you can maintain a Do Not Call (DNC) list within your smrtPhone system.

The DNC Numbers list is global across your entire account:

  • DNC list operates at a company level (not by user)

  • Disables outbound calling and texting that number

  • Impacts both smrtPhone and smrtDialer

If a lead or prospect indicates that they do not want to be contacted by you, by law you must not reach out again by phone or text. The DNC list is the easiest way to ensure this happens becuase our system will automatically check all outbound communications against the list and prevent you from contacting them.

How to Add Numbers to your DNC List


You can manually add numbers to your DNC list in smrtPhone by going to Admin > DNC Numbers and adding the number there.


You can manually add numbers to your DNC list in smrtDialer from the DNC Numbers option in the main smrtDialer dashboard. Numbers can be added automatically to the DNC list using smrtDialer dispositions. Learn about DNC within smrtDialer >>

Lead generated

You can also let leads put themselves on your DNC list. You can set an IVR phone menu option so callers get the option of opting out with a single keypress. Learn about the DNC Applet >>

How to Remove Numbers from Your DNC List

To remove a number, you must be an administrator. Navigate to the DNC List section fo the Admin menu. Find the number in question, and click the Remove button (trash can icon).

You must confirm the reason why you are removing a number from the DNC List.

DNC Number List is different from Spam Number List

The DNC List is about outbound calls and texts - allowing contacts to opt out. The Spam List is about blocking incoming calls and texts, effectively weeding out the people you do not want to hear from.

Learn more about the Spam List >>

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