Mark Unwanted Texts as Spam

Block numbers from your inbox to stop them from being able to text you (or call you)

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Adding a number to a Spam List translates to the impossibility of a particular number reaching you again via text or phone call.

You can add a number to the Spam Number List directly from your personal inbox. All you need to do is make sure that you are in the Inbox tab and find the spam number you want to block.

Once you find your target, click on the existing message with that person, and the menu will look like this:

Press the Actions button above the conversation. Scroll down to the option 🚫 Mark as Spam. When you select this, the phone number will be added to your Spam List. That number will now be blocked from texting and calling you.

All of the phone numbers marked as SPAM can be found in the Spam Numbers, visible only to the users with granted permissions of your smrtPhone account.

Removing a Number from the Spam Number List:

  • Find the number within the list

  • Click the delete button (trash can icon) next to the number

  • Confirm that you want to remove the number

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