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If you would like to send SMS text messages to prospects and clients from a 10-digit local phone number, you must register for A2P 10DLC.

If you want to text from a toll-free number, you should know that these numbers must be verified before sending traffic as well, starting May 15, 2022.

In this article we explain:

Registering for A2P 10DLC will be simple!

There are three simple steps to registering for A2P 10DLC within the Trust Center:

  1. Create a business profile for your company in the Trust Center (one time)

  2. Register your brand(s) for A2P texting (one time)

  3. Select a A2P Plan, Starter or Standard (one time) and register your phone numbers to campaigns/use cases (ongoing)

Two Types of A2P 10DLC Plans

Please note the following video was created before the announcement that Toll-Free texting would require a similar A2P registration starting May 15, 2022.

After reviewing the patterns of our clients, we believe the majority of our clients will fall under the Starter category or will have a Standard plan with one use case (Mixed Use) with all phone numbers. It's important to read through both options so you understand the benefits and limitations of each.

Once you are registered and your campaign use cases are approved, you will be able to connect your existing phone numbers to your A2P profile. There is no need to purchase additional phone numbers to become A2P compliant.


This plan is intended for sole proprietors/free agents and small businesses. It provides simple access to A2P 10DLC for businesses with lower volumes of daily text messages to prospects and customers.

Under the Starter Plan you can have up to 5 phone numbers registered and can send up to 3,000 messages a day per plan, at a rate of 1-2 messages per second (MPS). T-Mobile is limiting Starter Plan users to 1,000 messages a day. Messages exceeding these limits will fail.

There is only one type of campaign under the Starter Plan. The "Starter" campaign is a mixed use campaign type.

It is free to register for the Starter Plan.


This plan is for businesses with larger volumes of communication. You can have as many phone numbers registered as you like and there are no message limits per day.

Under the Standard Plan, you must announce the use case for your campaign and submit sample messages for approval.

The Standard Plan will require a registration fee (one time) and ongoing campaign registration fees.

>> Learn about the different types of A2P 10DLC campaigns

Here is a summary breakdown of the difference between the Starter and Standard A2P Plans, including fees

Starter Plan

Standard Plan

Message Volume

Fewer than 3,000 outbound SMS/MMS to US local phone numbers per day.

Max 1,000 outbound SMS/MMS to T-Mobile (messages exceeding this limit will fail).

Greater than 3,000 outbound SMS/MMS to U.S. local phone numbers per day.

T-Mobile daily max dependent on Trust Score.

Phone Numbers Allowed

Up to five (5) local phone numbers per brand.

400 phone numbers by default, with an option to go up to 10,000 phone numbers based upon request.

Minimum Business Profile Requirements (Note: You must register a business profile in the Trust Center to gain access to A2P)

First and last name, email, customer’s SMS-capable phone number, and billing address.

Business name, address, type, status, registration number, industry, website, region of operations, and authorized point of contact.

Campaign Registration

Single campaign use case option (Starter) and no more than five (5) phone numbers.

Campaign use case, phone number(s) to be used, use case description, 2 sample messages.


Projected to be 1 - 2 MPS

3 - 180 MPS depending on Trust Score

Registration Fees


$44 Brand registration (one time). Billed upon approval.

$50 Campaign registration (one time). Billed upon approval.

$2 - $10 per month Campaign use case maintenance fee ($35/mo for franchise use cases.) First monthly fee billed upon approval and charged once per month thereafter.

A2P Per Message Carrier Fees

⚠️Note: Per message carrier fees for A2P 10DLC are in addition to standard text messaging fees.

These are fees determined and required by the receiving carriers and vary depending on which one your contact uses. Because smrtPhone clients usually do not know the cell phone provider of their contacts, we cannot state a set price per message.

The most important thing to know is that Unregistered Messages will incur a higher per-message rate for AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, and any messages that use their network. Verizon has not currently voiced how they will handle unregistered traffic, but it is expected they will eventually announce a change in fee structure as well.

A2P Carrier fees per message, as of March 1, 2022:




Registered SMS




Registered MMS




Unregistered SMS




Unregistered MMS




This chart shows you will incur between $0.002- 0.003 for registered SMS and $0.0035 - 0.01 for registered MMS. You will incur between $0.0025 - 0.004 for unregistered SMS and $0.013-$0.005 for unregistered MMS - with the added possibility of your messages not being delivered.

Important reminders about A2P 10DLC fees

Additional fees are always difficult to swallow, but there are benefits to A2P 10DLC. While it may take a while to reach critical mass, the purpose of A2P 10DLC is to weed out spammers and scammers - which will make your legitimate business communications stand out and get noticed.

  • Verified messages will be funneled through separate, priority channels, improving delivery.

  • Verified messages are more likely to be read, trusted, and acted upon by consumers, improving response rates.

  • We are all consumers ourselves, and it will ultimately improve our own quality of life.

These fees are not singular to smrtPhone, but rather will be incurred on any technology platform that is used for business messaging. All VoIP and cloud based phone systems are considered A2P. (Read about other types of messaging besides A2P here).

➡️ Don't forget: Unregistered traffic is not guaranteed to be delivered or delivered in a timely manner, and it will incur higher per-message fees than registered traffic.

When can I register for A2P 10DLC?

Once you know which plan is the right one for you, registering for A2P 10DLC will happen in the smrtPhone Trust Center.

Similar to registering your business in the Trust Center, you will complete a form with the necessary information, including Plan and Campaign information (if applicable.)

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