A "campaign" is a use case for sending text messages over A2P under the Standard Plan. Businesses that register for the Starter Plan will be automatically assigned the campaign type of "Starter" which is similar to the Mixed Use type below.

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Think about the text messages you currently receive from businesses. They range from verification codes to appointment reminders to promotional coupons to personalized communications. Each of these use cases should be classified as a different campaign.

Indicating what type of campaign you are registering gives information to the mobile carriers about the content of your messages. Registering campaigns will help the carriers identify your communications as legitimate and impact how they are handled.

Unregistered messages not only incur higher per-message fees, but they are expected to be the most scrutinized when it comes to TCPA violations.

Types of A2P Standard Plan campaigns

In addition to the Starter Plan campaign type, there are 11 types of Standard Plan campaigns, plus several Special Use types.

⚠️ Note: The nature of your business will affect which campaign types you are allow to choose. For example, if you are a for-profit commercial store, you will not be able to create Education campaigns or Charity campaigns. The information entered for your Trust Center Business Profile will impact the campaigns that are available to you.

The Standard Campaign Types:

Campaign use case



Any authentication or account verification such as OTP

Account Notifications

Notifications about the status of an account or related to being a part of an account

Customer Care

Support, account management, and other avenues of customer interaction

Delivery Notifications

Information about the status of a delivery

Fraud Alert Messaging

Messaging about potential fraudulent activity such as spending alerts

Higher Education

Message campaigns from colleges, universities, and other education institutions


Promotional content such as sales and limited time offers

Mixed Use

A campaign that covers multiple use cases such as Customer Care and Delivery Notifications. Note - mixed campaigns are likely to have lower throughput and a higher cost per message.

Polling and voting

For conducting polling and voting, such as customer surveys. Not for political use.

Public Service Announcement

PSAs to raise audience awareness about a given topic

Security Alert

Notification of a compromised system (software or hardware related)

We anticipate that most of our clients will fall under Marketing or Mixed Use.

There are two other types of A2P 10DLC messages - Special Use cases and Unregistered. Carriers have communicated that Unregistered business messages will eventually be filtered out (timeline TBD.)

Special Use cases - These are use cases that may qualify for increased throughput and/or reduced fees compared to Standard Use:

  • Franchise - one brand, but local locations are operated semi-independently

  • Charity fundraising or providing non-profit services

  • K-12 Education messages for schools and distance learning centers.

  • Low volume mixed use - under 2000 messages a day. Common use is for demo and test accounts.

  • Emergency notifications for public safety/health

  • Political campaigns

  • Proxy - personalized messages that are person-to-person for the sake of doing business (for example, Uber driver communicating with client for pickup.)

  • Social - communication between public figures/influences and their fanbase/communities.

  • Sweepstakes - gambling and contest messaging

Unregistered Messages - Any messages that have not stated the use for their content. These are considered high risk providers or unregistered traffic - eventually these will be cut off completely. The carriers are also considering penalties and fines for businesses that attempt to skirt the business texting guidelines by sending unregistered messages.

How will campaigns impact your business?

Once you are registered, the biggest impact on your business will be fees associated with using A2P channels.

Different campaigns will incur fees to register a campaign and a per text message. These fees are determined by the major mobile carriers (not smrtPhone) and are in addition to standard text messaging fees.

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Messages sent out without a registered campaign will incur higher fees than registered campaigns - and eventually will be cut off/not delivered.

smrtPhone will be passing through any registration costs incurred by carriers due to A2P without markup. Customary smrtPhone text messaging fees will still apply.

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