A "campaign" is a use case for sending text messages over A2P. Think about the text messages you currently receive from businesses. They range from verification codes to appointment reminders to promotional coupons to personalized communications. Each of these use cases would represent a different campaign.

Indicating what type of campaign you are registering gives information to the mobile carriers about the content of your messages. Registering campaigns will help the carriers identify your communications as legitimate and impact how they are handled.

There are four broad types of A2P Standard Plan campaigns

There are four general types of A2P Standard Plan Campaigns, plus a Starter Plan Campaign Option.

The four categories of A2P Standard Plan campaigns that vary by use case and cost. Under each category are several use cases.

  • Standard Use Case - Includes customer care messages other outreach that allows you to service customers better. Note: "low volume" Standard Use Cases will incur lower monthly registration fees.

    • Authentication or account verification such as OTP (also known as 2FA)

    • Account notifications

    • Customer care, including support and account management

    • Delivery notifications

    • Fraud Alert messaging

    • Higher Education, messages send by colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

    • Non-political polling and voting, such as customer satisfaction surveys.

    • Public service announcements

    • Security alerts - notices of compromised systems

  • Marketing or Mixed Use - These fall under "standard" use cases except they incur higher per-message fees.

    • Promotional campaigns, sales, limited offers and other outreach that is focused on sales and marketing.

    • Campaigns that cover multiple use case in one - such as customer care and delivery notifications.

  • Special Use cases - These are use cases that may qualify for increased throughput and/or reduced fees compared to Standard Use

    • Franchise - one brand, but local locations are operated semi-independently

    • Charity fundraising or providing non-profit services

    • Conversational - personalized messages that are person-to-person for the sake of doing business.

    • Emergency notifications for public safety/health

    • Political campaigns

    • Social - communication between public figures/influences and their fanbase/communities.

    • Sweepstakes - gambling and contest messaging

  • Basic/Unregistered Messages - Any messages that have not stated the use for their content. Considered high risk providers or unregistered traffic.

How will campaigns impact your business?

Besides the positive business benefits of sending verified messages, the biggest impact on your business will be fees associated with using A2P channels.

Once A2P is active and required, different campaigns will incur fees to register a campaign and a per text message. These fees are determined by the major mobile carriers (not smrtPhone). For Standard Plan users, monthly campaign registration fees required to keep the campaign active range between $0-35 per month and the per message cost ranges between $0.0010-0.0100 depending on the carrier and use case. For Starter Plan users, there is no campaign registration fee and per message fees range from $0.0040-$0.0100.

Messages sent out without a registered campaign will incur higher fees than registered campaigns.

smrtPhone will be passing through any additional costs incurred by carriers due to A2P without markup. Customary smrtPhone text messaging fees will still apply.

Read more about the fees associated with A2P 10DLC campaigns >>

How to register a campaign

Registering a campaign will happen within the smrtPhone Trust Center A2P verification portal, once it becomes available. (Estimated September 2021.)

Depending on how your business communications are organized, you may need to register more than one campaign type. For example, if you use text messaging for customer care (such as account alerts) but also send discount coupons via text, you will need to register two campaign types.

You will need the following information to register a campaign:

  • Number Pool. Referred to as "Message Service" by the carriers, this indicates which phone numbers will be sending the campaign content. You will be able to select a single number or create bundles of numbers to use.

  • Campaign Type - Standard, Mixed, or Special (see descriptions above)

  • Campaign description - A friendly name you create to help differentiate between campaigns on your account.

  • Two sample messages - Copy/paste text messages that would be used. (Standard Plan only)

How long will it take for a campaign to be approved?

It is estimated that it will take mere minutes for a messaging campaign to be verified, once your brand is already established as an A2P sender.

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