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Registering for A2P 10DLC will be simple!

smrtPhone is building a Trust Center with a A2P 10DLC Verification Portal that will allow you to:

  • Register your brand(s) for A2P messaging (one time)

  • Register your campaigns/use cases (ongoing)

We estimate the smrtPhone Trust Center will go live at the end of Summer 2021. We will send a notification via email to all Account Owners when registration is open.

In the meantime, you can gather the information you'll need to complete registration so you are ready to go.

There are two kinds of A2P 10DLC programs


This plan is intended for sole proprietors/free agents. It requires only a light registration, which will not be enough for accompanying programs such as STIR/SHAKEN, but provides simple access to A2P 10DLC for smaller businesses with lower volumes.

Under the Starter Plan you can have up to 5 phone numbers registered and can send up to 3000 messages a day per plan. It is free to register for this plan.


This plan is for businesses with larger volumes of communication. You can have as many phone numbers registered as you like and there are no message limits per day. The Standard Plan will require campaign registration fees.

The information you will need to register your business profile:

Business Information

  • Business Name

  • Physical Address

  • Business Type (LLC/Corporation/Non-profit, etc.)

  • Company Status (Private/Public)

  • Business Registration Number & Type (DUNS or Business License - note: this is different from EIN)

  • Industry

  • Website

  • Regions of Operations

Contact Information for Two (2) Representatives*

  • Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Phone Number

  • Job Position Level (Director/VP/CEO, etc)

* If your business is a single agent, you can register with just one contact for the Starter Plan.

Once you are registered and your campaign use cases are approved, you will be able to connect your existing phone numbers to your verified brand profile. There will be no need to purchase additional phone numbers to become A2P compliant.

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