The Standard plan is for businesses with larger volumes of communication. You must announce the use case for your campaign and submit sample messages for approval.

Create Your Trust Center Profile

You cannot move forward with A2P10DLC registration without an approved Trust Center profile. It takes approximately 5 business days for company verification.

If you already have an approved Trust Center Profile, continue on.

How to Register for the Standard Plan

There are three steps to get going with a Standard Plan

  1. Get your Company approved as an A2P authorized brand

  2. Register your business texting Campaign/Use Cases

  3. Add/Modify the phone numbers you'd like to use for each campaign

Each phone number can be assigned to only one campaign, but each campaign can have up to 400 phone numbers. (You can seek special approval to increase this limit, with a valid use case.)

Become Standard Plan Approved

Go to the Trust Center and press the blue "Register" button in the A2P section.

Select Standard from the two plan options.

Create a Standard Plan Brand Profile

This initial brand registration costs $44, and we pass the fee through to you at the time of approval.

  • Select your Company Type

  • Stock Exchange - required only for public companies

  • Stock Ticker - required for public companies only

  • Hit the "Save" button

Standard Plan brand registration should be approved within minutes, because you already have a verified business identity through the Trust Center profile.

Register Your Campaign Use Cases

Once you are approved as having a Standard Plan, you can begin to create your campaign types.

Depending on how your business communications are organized, you may need to register more than one campaign type. For example, if you use text messaging for account alerts but also send promotional discount coupons via text, you will need to register two campaign types. We anticipate that most of our clients will fall under Marketing or Mixed Use.

You will need the following information to register a campaign:

  • Number Pool. Referred to as "Message Service" by the carriers, this indicates which phone numbers will be sending the campaign content. You will be able to select a single number or create bundles of numbers to use.


  • Manually select the numbers you want to use in this campaign.

  • Campaign use case - see list here >>

  • Campaign description - A friendly name you create to help differentiate between campaigns on your account.

  • Two sample messages - Copy/paste text messages that would be used. (Standard Plan only)

There are one-time ($15) and ongoing costs ($2-$10/mo.) associated with campaign registration. Learn more about Standard Plan fees here>> We pass through the fees directly to you. When your Standard Plan is approved, you will be charged the registration fee and the first installment of the monthly fees.

Add/Modify Phone Numbers Associated with Your Campaign, as Needed

Once your campaigns are set and approved, you can go back into your Trust Center > A2P profile and add/remove phone numbers from each campaign as needed.

  • Each phone number can be attached to only one campaign

  • Each campaign can have up to 400 phone numbers.

Note: please be aware that starting January 26, 2023, all new A2P 10DLC Campaign registrations (Low Volume and Standard Brand Plans) will be subject to a manual vetting process and every time you submit a campaign for review, you are going to be charged $15.

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