How to Create an A2P 10DLC Campaign

Step-by-step guidance to enable compliant texting

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A2P 10DLC campaign registration is required for all texting out of the smrtPhone platform. It is an industry requirement, and it includes conversational 1:1 texting as well as mass or templated texting.

To create an A2P 10DLC Campaign, you first need an active A2P Plan registration. The A2P Plan registration requires a Business Profile within the Trust Center, but you can start your plan registration while your profile is in progress (reach out to Support for help.)

A2P 10DLC Campaign Registration

A2P 10DLC Campaign Registration is a short and easy process. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even if the submission process is quick, the verification process is done by a 3rd party and can take an unspecified amount of time. smrtPhone will work on your behalf to advocate for fast approvals.

Accuracy and a detailed, thorough application increase the chances of approval. Don't treat this process superficially. Add clear, relevant information in each field.

Step 1 - Basic Details

Head to the Trust Center from your Admin Dashboard, and select New A2P Campaign. Follow the instructions on the screen, which will guide you step-by-step through your campaign registration application.

The first step is to complete basic details about the A2P Campaign that explains the type of texting you will be engaging in.

Two fields need to be covered:

  • Select the use case for the A2P Campaign

  • Provide a brief, relevant description

Step 2 - Opt-In and Consent Management

Based on industry standards and TCPA regulations, you must have opt-in as a business to text individuals, no matter the use case - whether it is conversational texting or sending templated messages. This applies across all cloud phone systems.

Opt-in can happen in several ways:

  • Existing business relationship (EBR) that is documented, and active within the past 90 days.

  • Your contact can text you first

  • The contact can opt in via an online form

  • Your contact can opt in with a handwritten form

  • Contacts can email to provide explicit consent

It is important to note that you cannot obtain opt-in by texting someone and asking them for consent; in that case, the original text would be considered a violation.

A record of opt-in must be kept, so verbal consent does not apply. If you talk to someone, you cannot offer to follow up via text without first establishing consent. They must either reach out to you first, or you can send them an email asking for consent.

The next step in A2P campaign registration is to explain how you obtain consent from your contacts. You may choose more than one option.

In the Message Flow Box, you must explain how you obtain consent in the ways you've selected. As you choose one or more options from the list by selecting the appropriate box, you will see an example of Message Flow to provide guidance. You must edit this message to make it factual and relevant to you. The limit for the Message Flow is 2,000 characters.

In addition to explaining how you contain consent, you need to provide:

  • Website Signup page

  • Privacy Policy page

  • Terms of Use page

Step 3 - Message Samples

After you explain how you obtain consent, you must supply examples of text messages you send. This still applies, even if you use text message for conversational purposes. Create two message samples that you will be using in this particular A2P 10DLC Campaign.

As part of compliance filtering, carriers will check your actual messages sent against these samples. Be as honest and close to reality as possible to avoid issues.

Step 4 - Preview

Once all information is entered, you will be able to review before submitting.

Check if the information is correct and double-check that you did not miss any relevant details that could jeopardize the campaign's approval. To edit, select Back.

If your profile looks good, Submit for Review!

Step 5 - Complete

Once you submit, you will need to re-confirm and approve registration fee charges. Once your campaign is approved, the recurring monthly fee will begin (you pay the first month in advance).

The screenshot above references the fees for a Low Volume plan, but the fees range depending on the Plan and Campaign you select.

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