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What Does it Mean to Have a Negative Balance?
What Does it Mean to Have a Negative Balance?

If you run your available credit into the negative, your account will be paused

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All smrtPhone accounts require a pre-paid credit to cover usage such as buying new phone numbers, making voice calls, sending text messages, or maintaining call recording storage.

If you are manually refilling your available credit, your balance may go negative. This typically happens when your usage has outpaced your ability to recharge your balance. smrtPhone does not cut off an active call when your balance hits zero, and also there can sometimes be a small delay between completing calls/sending texts and when the balance is debited due to a lag in data from our underlying carrier.

When your account goes into the negative, it will be paused until you can recharge your balance.

At this point, the system might provide you with a warning notification or an error on your screen informing you about the account being suspended.

Once you have re-upped your account, you can go back to using smrtPhone as usual.

One way to avoid this is to sign up for Auto Top-Up.

Auto Top-up is where you permit us to charge your credit card when your balance falls below a threshold you set. You also determine the amount of the top-up.

Remember: Your subscription gives you access to the smrtPhone platform, and it is your credit balance that allows you to use the platform. Keeping a healthy credit balance ensures no interruptions.

πŸ’‘ Auto Top-up β‡’

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