⚠ As of July 2022, smrtPhone has moved away from strict Admin/User Roles to a more flexible User Permissions approach that gives clients greater control over how their smrtPhone system is managed. A single Account Owner role per account remains as the ultimate authority.

Plainly said: Account Owners can make global changes to your smrtPhone system. Users cannot. But now, as an Account Owner, you can provide your Users with certain sets of permissions.

Types of Permissions/Roles within smrtPhone

We've added granular permissions options which allow for more customizable roles in smrtPhone:

  1. Account Owner - all permissions

  2. Users - different permissions options that you choose, based on your own company.

Account Owner

There is only one Account Owner per smrtPhone account. The first person to setup the smrtPhone account is automatically labeled as the Account Owner.

The Account Owner has access to make global changes across the account. However, with our new User permissions, Account Owners can delegate certain people to have access to specific settings.

Default settings for Users

Users, by default, have access to smrtPhone's functionality but cannot see sensitive information or make global changes. They can make and receive calls and texts, update their own Voicemail, and access any calls or texts sent to Groups they have been assigned to.

User Permissions

Users can be given greater access to manage their smrtPhone account. You can assign these permissions at the time when you invite a User into your system, or you can modify their User permissions from the Admin Panel in the smrtPhone dashboard from Users > Settings Tab.

It is incredibly important that anyone to whom you assign the customized permissions is someone you trust.

There are three broad buckets of User permissions:

You can toggle on/off an entire section of permissions, or you can individually select the permissions you'd like to assign.

➡️ Once a User has been given the ability to View/Edit User Settings (under Activity Management) that person can now update the User permissions for all other Users. (But not their own.)

Finance and Billing permissions

You can allow a user to have access to all permissions in this section by toggling on the header button. Or, you can customize by toggling on/off individual capabilities.

  • See usage and Call/SMS logs - having this permission allows you to access the Call/SMS tab from the Dashboard and see the logs for all users

  • Change subscription levels and smrtDialer seats, activate trials - having this permission allows you to access the Billing and Logs tab and activate new trials, operate changes at the subscription levels and also modify the number of seats in smrtDialer.

  • Activate/Deactivate Auto Top-up, add credit manually - having this permission allows you to access the Billing page and manage Auto Top-Up or credit information

  • View and update payment methods - Add or update credit cards on file

Activity Management permissions

Again, you can allow your user to have full permission for all items in this section or customize capabilities:

  • Add, remove, and update Users and Groups - Can manage the team, including inviting new Users and organizing them into Groups.

  • View/Edit individual User Settings (including Pro settings) - This is the permission that allows you to update User permissions. It also enables you to determine if a User has customized settings for the Call Engine or if they will use the global company default.

  • Buy/View Phone Numbers, edit friendly names, assign Call Flows - Grants access to the Phone Number section of the Admin Panel.

  • Edit, add, and delete inbound Call/SMS Flows - Gives control over the Flow Builder section of the Admin Panel.

  • View and use Call Monitoring (Pro) - Allows User to listen, whisper, and barge on live calls. Only available for Pro subscribers.

  • View Reporting Center - Access the KPI reporting from the smrtPhone dashboard left navigation.

  • Can manage smrtDialer - Create/modify campaigns and assign agents.

Account Management permissions

Use personalized permission to customize user's access:

  • Edit all Account Settings, localization, Caller IDs, and addresses - Modify the global account settings including CRM setup.

  • Can edit all account plugins - Control the plugins used with smrtPhone, from the Marketplace section of the Admin panel.

  • Manage Call Recordings - View, download and delete Call Recordings from the Account Menu.

  • Access and control Media Manager - Upload or create recordings for use throughout smrtPhone and smrtDialer.

  • Access & Manage Contacts - Manage the Contacts Page withing your system.

Note for current Customers:

  • Account Owner will always have all permissions.

  • Current Administrators will default to having matched permissions of what they currently have - User & Group management, Call Flow management, Phone Number Management, Media Manager Access, Call Logs and Call Recordings. They can then manually be given greater access to more permissions such as billing, subscriptions, etc.

  • Users will have no additional permissions until they are given to them.

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