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(Disclaimer: even if the video shows you only the Podio CRM, this information is generally valid for all CRMs that have a smrtPhone integration.*)

A. Add New User by Email

It is possible having a user of smrtPhone who does not have access to your CRM system. We have a lot of clients who use virtual assistants (VAs) or part-time employees who don't need access to CRM just to smrtPhone or smrtDialer. In this case, you can invite the user by email.

To add a new user by email, go to Admin and select Users from the menu.

From the Users subsection of the Admin Panel, you can click on the blue "Invite User" button in the upper right. This will pop up a small screen that gives you two options for inviting new users:

  • Invite user by CRM

  • Invite user by Email

Toggle to "Email" and type their email into the form and Invite User.

Simply type in their email address and Invite the user. Keep in mind that a user invited via Email will not be linked in any way to your CRM, including call or SMS logs. These will be accessible for them only on their smrtPhone page.

Also at this point, you have the option to invite a specific user and assign different permissions directly from this invitation.

After this step, you can follow your invitations to check their statuses and also revoke/resend them if needed.

The next step is up to your User to accept the invitation and finalize the creation of their account.

The User you just invited will receive an email with the invitation on the provided email address and from there they will be redirected to set up the account. Invitations will expire in 2 days time.

The user will press the "Activate Account" button and start completing the fields in order to set up the account and then click on "Sing up".

All the CRMs can use the email form of invitation.

B. Adding new users - for Podio Users

To add new users, go to Admin and select Users from the menu.

From the Users subsection of the Admin Panel, you can click on the green "Invite User" button in the upper right. This will pop up a small screen that gives you two options for inviting new users:

  • Invite user by Podio

  • Invite user by Email

Select to invite the person by Podio, and you can search in smrtPhone for users within your Podio workspace. When you find the right name, select it and click the Invite User button.

There is a link in the Podio chat message that they can enter directly into your smrtPhone account. It's very important that they click the link within the Podio chat (rather than go to the smrtPhone website) because that link contains specific information that makes the sign-up / login easier.

Once they click the link, they will see a screen within smrtPhone that prompts them to Accept the Invitation.

After they accept it, they will now be in your smrtPhone account and users with granted permissions will be able to see and manage them from the User section of the Admin Dashboard.

C. Adding new users - for Salesforce users

To add users to your account, you must first activate them within Salesforce and then add them to your smrtPhone.

1) Activate smrtPhone CTI for your Users in Salesforce

The first step is to grant your users access to smrtPhone within Salesforce. This needs to be done manually within each individual user configuration. It’s simple to do; it just takes a series of clicks to get to the right spot.

  1. Go to SETUP in the upper right corner.

  2. Drill down on this path: USERS > USER > EDIT > CALL CENTER

  3. Once there, check off: SMRTPHONE CTI ADAPTER

2) Invite a Salesforce User to your smrtPhone Account

Each user you would like to have access to your Salesforce smrtPhone account needs to have a smrtPhone user account. After activating their phone in Salesforce, add them to smrtPhone.

  • Invite user by Salesforce

  • Invite user by Email

To add a user, go to your smrtPhone dashboard and to the Admin tab from the left navigation. Under the Users sub-section, click the green “+Invite User” button.

Toggle on the CRM or on the email to decide how you get to invite them.

The system will automatically recognize that you are a Salesforce user and prompt you to search for the user in Salesforce. Search for their name and click Invite User.

D. Adding new users - for InvestorFuse users*

InvestorFuse users can invite new users via Email exclusively. For this, please check the first Category: Adding new users via Email.

E. Setting customized permissions for your Users

It is possible to designate a new user with some particular permissions from the Invite pop-up. Simply check the box in the form. Don't forget that these permissions give a lot of access and control over your smrtPhone setup. You can always invite a User and change their permissions later.

Basic differences between the two types of invitations:

You also need to know that users invited via CRM obviously have access to your CRM system whereas those who are invited by email do not.

Those who are invited by email can make calls, receive calls, use smrtDialer, and even use their smrtPhone login for the smrtPhone mobile app - no problem!

The biggest difference is really in how smrtPhone logs call in CRM.

The key difference is where there is a "call owner" - if there is no CRM user, that call will not be logged against a user.

F. Resending or Revoking an invitation

Once a user is invited, you can see outstanding invitations under the Invitations Tab of the Users section. If you still want the User to join, but they can't seem to find their invitation, you can resend it. If you change your mind and wish to cancel their invitation, you can click the red "Revoke" button.

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