To add new users, go to Admin and select Users from the menu.

From the Users subsection of the Admin Panel, you can click on the green "Invite User" button in the upper right. This will pop up a small screen that gives you two options for inviting new users:

  • Invite user by Podio

  • Invite user by Email

Inviting someone by Podio

If you invite the person by Podio, you can search in smrtPhone for users within your Podio workspace. When you find the right name, select it and click the Invite User button. What people will see if you invite them to smrtPhone using Podio >>

Inviting someone by Email

We have a lot of clients who use virtual assistants (VAs) or part time employees who don't need access to Podio, just to smrtPhone or smrtDialer. In this case, you can invite the user by email. Simply type in their email to the form and Invite User.

These Users invited by email will not have a linked Podio account, so calls will not be linked to them in Podio.

Read about the difference between inviting by Podio and Email >>

Setting a New User as an Administrator

It is possible to designate a new user as an Administrator from the Invite pop up. Simple check the box in the form. Don't forget that Administrators have a lot of access and control over your smrtPhone setup. You can always invite a User and change their permissions later.

Resending or Revoking an invitation

Once a user is invited, you can see outstanding invitations under the Invitations Tab of the Users section. If you still want the User to join, but they can't seem to find their invitation, you can resend it. If you change your mind and wish to cancel their invitation, you can click the red "Revoke" button.

How to remove a user from your smrtPhone >>

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