The Account Owner can select users to have the capability to remove a User from any Groups as well as removing them entirely from smrtPhone.

This video, along with the brief guide below, will help you to remove users from your account.

To remove a user it is even easier than to add a user to your account, just follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to the Admin panel () from the left navigation

  2. Click on Users from the menu

  3. Find the User you wish to remove

  4. Click the Trash Can icon / Remove User button to the right of their name

  5. Confirm that you wish to remove them

Note: When you remove a User, it's helpful to double-check that all Call Flows and SMS Flows will continue to function as intended. If there were any Call Flows or SMS Flows that named the individual User that is now deleted, you'll need to update those Flows or incoming calls and texts will not be received.

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