How to Manage Users and Teams

How to control and manage Users in smrtPhone

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Anyone you add to your smrtPhone account is considered a User.

Learn how to manage Users and Teams in this article, including how to add/remove Users, control their permissions, and create Teams. Only users with granted permissions can manage other users and teams.

This video is a great introduction:

(Disclaimer: in this video, we use the term Groups, which are now considered Teams in your smrtPhone system)

Under the Admin Menu in the left navigation (≡), you'll find the Users tab. Here, you can:

Adding Users

Invite a new user using via email or search for them in your CRM.

Add via CRM - Add new users by searching their names in the smrtPhone Add User box.

Email invitation - Send an email containing an invitation to your smrtPhone account to invite someone to be a user. Add their email address and press Invite User at the bottom.

Remove Users

If you have the applicable permission, you can remove users by clicking the garbage can next to their name.

Adjusting Permissions

Users can be granted permissions when you first bring them into the system, or at any time you can go into the user settings button ⚙️ next to their name and toggle permissions on/off.

Anyone you designate with customized permissions will have the capability to make decisions and changes within your smrtPhone system.

Creating Teams

You can group users together into Teams for coordinating purposes. This becomes important, especially for Call Flows. You can have as many teams as you'd like.

To create a new Team, head to Admin Dashboard > Users > Add Team (upper right of the screen), then customize your team as you wish.

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