The smrtPhone mobile apps allow you to take smrtPhone on the go whether you have an Android or iPhone. Designed to be similar to the phone apps you've been using for years, they give you instant access to your CRM contacts out in the field.

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There are 4 main buttons in the navigation at the bottom of the mobile app.

Recent calls

Once you start to make and receive calls, they will show up here. You can quickly dial someone back by selecting them from the list. Also, here you can see missed calls as well.

Note: for iOS users, smrtPhone recent calls appear in iPhone recent call log as well, so you can redial with smrtPhone.


  • Dial by Number: Selecting this option will make a keypad appear. Make a call by entering the digits.

  • Search Contacts: This option will search all of your synced CRM contacts right from your mobile device. Select which contact first, and then you can select which phone number to call or text.

  • Podio User: See contact in Podio - from Contact details (Also, you have the possibility to re-sync them).

  • Salesforce/Left Main User: View contact in Salesforce - from Contact details (Also, you have the option to refresh them).

Note: iOS users have the option to exit a call by swiping left.

Note: Android users have the option to dial any click-to-call number from mobile browser, using smrtPhone.


  • Includes SMS/MMS and Voicemail (and where you have visual voicemail - meaning that you can see the transcript directly in your Inbox)

  • For your individual User

  • For any Groups to which you are assigned

Here, you can see, answer, delete and send SMS/MMS. You can access Voicemail from the menu inside of the inbox.


  • Change the smrtPhone Account (if you have more than one)

  • You can identify which Caller ID you are using for outbound

  • Set your status Available/ Unavailable - whether the mobile app will ring or not.

  • Access live chat help center from within the App.

  • Log out

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