The smrtPhone mobile apps allow you to take smrtPhone on the go whether you have an Android or iPhone. Designed to be similar to the phone apps you've been using for years, they give you instant access to your CRM contacts out in the field.

Minimum operating system requirements:

  • Apple iOS 12 or newer

  • Android 10 or newer

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Navigating the Mobile App

There are four main section of the Mobile App that you can navigate to using the menu items at the bottom of the screen.

Recent calls

This is a list of your recent calls to/from your User from anywhere in smrtPhone - this is synced across all dialers. Recent call log displays up to 100 records and includes missed calls.

Click open any item to:

  • Call back

  • Send text message

  • Update notes

  • Rename Contact in CRM (or view details)


From the Dialer tab, you can make a call or send a text message. It is also here that you can change your Caller ID if you have permission to do so.

When dialing a number you have options. Simply press into the contact number field, your keyboard will appear, and you can:

  • Dial by Number: Select the number option from your keyboard and a dial pad will appear. You can Make a call by entering the digits.

  • Search Contacts: Begin to type a contact name and this option will search all of your synced CRM contacts right from your mobile device. Select which contact first, and then you can select which phone number to call or text.

  • See Contact in your CRM: Once you find a contact you wish to dial - you can also press the "Details" button view their record in your CRM (from your phone web browser). The button takes you directly to your record. Also, depending on your CRM, you can refresh/resync if there was new information.

Note: iOS users have the option to exit a call by swiping left.

Note: Android users have the option to dial any click-to-call number from mobile browser, using smrtPhone.


The Inbox includes your text messages (SMS/MMS) and your voicemail.

  • Opens to your personal text message inbox.

    • Click into any conversation to read and reply

    • Use the "Edit" button to perform bulk actions like mark read/unread or delete

    • Use the + button in the lower right to compose a new message

  • Use the ≡ menu in the upper left to navigate to your:

    • Personal voicemail inbox

    • Group SMS inbox(es)

    • Group voicemail inbox(es).


From this tab, you can configure your Mobile App as well as get help from our Support team on chat.

  • Status: Set yourself Available/Unavailable, which determines if your incoming calls will ring on the Mobile App. (Note: availability works independently on all dialers - setting yourself away on Mobile does not set yourself away on the Web App, for example.)

  • Account: If you have more than one smrtPhone account, you can toggle between them.

  • Customize Incoming Call Display - change what you see in the app when a new call comes in. (see below)

  • Update your Caller ID - a second place you can update, if you don't want to do it within the Dialer tab.

  • Help - connect with our Support team on live chat.

  • Log out - A further option than setting yourself unavailable is to log out completely.

Incoming Call Display

You can decide what to be shown when you are getting a call:

  • Contact Name -display the name under you saved that particular contact (if they are in your CRM).

  • Contact Title/Role - display the title/the role of that specific contact in the company/business as you saved it in your CRM.

  • Caller ID - display the phone number of the caller.

  • Your called number - by digits or by Friendly name. Depending on your choice here, the incoming call display will show you either the Friendly Name or the digits of which of your smrtPhone numbers is being called. Learn how to set a Friendly name >>

You can change the Incoming Call Display way anytime you want, just press the gear icon and pick from the menu of options on the next screen.

Note: if the app forces a call to speakers only, you should review the default settings on your mobile device regarding calls.

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