To add users to your account, you must first activate them within Salesforce and then add them in your smrtPhone Account. (If you get an email invitation, you can ignore it - you must follow these instructions below.) You can also invite someone to use your smrtPhone account who does not have access to your SalesforceCRM.

‼️ IMPORTANT NOTE: You can have multiple dialers within your Salesforce account (for example, both smrtPhone and SMS360) however, each individual user can only use one phone system at a time.

This process is how you set the smrtPhone for an individual user inside your CRM:

If you would like to provide access to smrtPhone but NOT to your CRM, you should follow these instructions here.

How to Activate smrtPhone for your Users in Salesforce

The next step is to grant your users access to smrtPhone within Salesforce. This needs to be done manually within each individual user configuration. It’s simple to do, just takes a series of clicks to get to the right spot.

  1. Go to SETUP in the upper right corner.

  2. Drill down on this path: USERS > USER > EDIT > CALL CENTER

  3. Once there, check off: SMRTPHONE CTI ADAPTER and save.

How to Invite a User to smrtPhone

Each user you would like to have access to your Salesforce smrtPhone account needs to have a smrtPhone user account. After activating their phone in Salesforce, add them to smrtPhone.

To add a user who has access to your Salesforce CRM, go to your smrtPhone Dashboard and to the Admin tab from the left navigation. Under the Users sub-section, click the green “+Invite User” button.

Then choose to select them via Salesforce, by toggling on the "Invite user by:" button.

Search for their name and invite. That’s it! This completes the configuration.

❗❗ Keep in mind that this configuration has to be done manually for each and every user in your Salesforce system who will be using the smrtPhone integration.

Now it should be all set: the smrtPhone dialer will appear in the bottom left of the page, under the button “Phone 📞”. Clicking that will pop up the dialer interface to make calls, send text/SMS messages, and see your inbox.

Note: The very first attempt to open the dialer might take a minute to load. Subsequent use should load quickly. If you think it’s taking longer than it should, refresh the page.

⚠️Troubleshooting Note: If the Phone (dialer) or if the Caller ID fails to appear or appears to be the wrong size, you can fix it/reset it by going to Setup > Call Centers > Edit and pressing the Save button.

Invite an agent who does not have access to your CRM

If you'd like to invite an Agent who does not have access to your CRM, you can invite them into smrtPhone only using their email address. This is common for companies who use part time employees or VAs who do not need a license to the entire CRM to perform their job functions.

Go to your smrtPhone Dashboard and to the Admin tab from the left navigation. Under the Users sub-section, click the green “+Invite User” button. Simply toggle to the invitation type of "by email," enter their email address, and click Invite User.

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