To use smrtPhone within Left Main, users must be invited to your smrtPhone Account - but once they are, they can use the dialer just by logging in to Left Main Salesforce. Users can also log in to the smrtPhone Web App (browser) with Salesforce credentials.

How to set your smrtPhone password

To set your smrtPhone password, go to or the Web App and log in to your smrtPhone account using the “Log in with Salesforce” button.

From within the smrtPhone Web App, your account settings are accessible from the menu in the upper right corner.

On the “General Tab”, you can use the Change Password feature to create smrtPhone login credentials.

You can then use these to login to the Mobile App and the Chrome Extension.

The Chrome Extension allows you to access smrtPhone (connected to Left Main Salesforce) from any tab - including answering and placing voice calls and sending and reading text messages.

Next Steps: Install the Chrome Extension>>

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