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Chrome Extension Overview: Level up your Productivity
Chrome Extension Overview: Level up your Productivity

Dial or text from any browser tab, answer calls faster, and have quick access to your inbox.

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Our Chrome Extension powers some of the most efficiency-boosting features within smrtPhone.

Restart Chrome the first time you try to use the new extension or when it is updated.

Call from Any Tab

Initiate calls and texts from any browser tab, whether you are on smrtPhone page or anywhere else on the internet. Simply click the smrtPhone triangle icon from your Chrome Extension toolbar.

The dialer box will drop down, just like it does within the smrtPhone Web App, perfectly synced with your CRM contacts and ready for you to select a contact and make a call or send a text.

Stop Chasing Tabs

Our favorite part of the Chrome Extension is the ability to effortlessly answer incoming calls. Instead of having to hunt for your ringing smrtPhone tab, when you have the Chrome Extension pinned, the smrtPhone icon in your toolbar will blink green, and a small Caller ID badge will appear.

Decide whether to answer, ignore, or reject the call without leaving the webpage you’re viewing.

Enter Call Notes

When using the Chrome Extension Dialer while on any webpage, you are able to enter your call notes in real-time. All call notes are automatically synced to your CRM and are available immediately.

See and Return Recent Calls

Within the Chrome Extension, there is a tab for recent calls. When you select it, a list of your most recent calls—and an indication if they were inbound or outbound—will appear. Click on any recent call to initiate a new call to the contact.

Customize Your Settings

When you first set up the new smrtPhone Chrome Extension, you should explore the options under the Settings tab. The most important option is to select where you want your click-to-call to open. Do you want it to pop open the extension over the page you’re on? Or do you want it to pop open a smrtPhone tab and dial from there?

Dialer Notifications Synced Across All Platforms

The smrtPhone dialers available in the Web App, Mobile App, and Chrome Extension are all synced. Call notifications and missed calls are updated based on your actions from any individual dialer. (even synced recent calls).

Setting the Chrome Extension Unavailable only does so for the Extension itself. The Web App and the Mobile App will still ring unless you make yourself unavailable on all platforms.

Quick Access to Your Inbox

Click open the smtPhone Chrome Extension from your browser window for easy access to your inboxes. You don't have to switch tabs or be inside the smrtPhone web app to get to your text messages and voicemails.

The Inbox tab within the Chrome Extension defaults to your individual user SMS/text messages. You can read and respond directly from the window.

By clicking the Menu icon (☰) in the upper left of the Inbox, you have access to your voicemails and Team Inboxes.

With the Chrome Extension, the call buttons in your Contacts App within your CRM system will convert to say ▶️ Call | Send Text.

All it takes is one click to initiate a call—no complicated workarounds. One click, and the Chrome Extension Dialer will automatically dial the contact phone number.

When you click Send Text, a pop-up will appear, and that will allow you to create and send your message from the same screen.

You cannot log into the Chrome Extension if you do not have a phone number in your smrtPhone account. You must have at least one in your account to successfully log in.

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