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Answer or decline new incoming calls in the same dialer while you are on a live phone call

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Call Waiting is exactly what you expect it to be: the ability to answer an incoming call while still on a live call.

There are differences in how Call Waiting operates in smrtPhone depending on whether you have a smrtPhone Standard or a smrtPhone Pro subscription (with Pro dialing enabled.)

Call Waiting Options

When an incoming call occurs, the system will show on the upper part of the dialer's box some action buttons you can use:

πŸ“ž Answer (Standard) or Answer & End (Pro) - End the current call and answer the incoming one.

πŸ“ž Answer & Hold (Pro only) - Place the current call on hold and answer the new one.

πŸ“΅ Decline - Rejects the incoming call and allows you to continue the current one without interruptions. The caller will jump to the next Applet in your Call Flow.

🀳 Ignore - Ignores the new call, which will follow your Call Flow for what happens when there is no answer.

Call Waiting Functionality - Web App, CTI, and Chrome Extension

smrtPhone Standard

With a Standard Subscription, you have 3 options when receiving an incoming call while on a live call. The same rule applies to your calls if you are having a Pro Subscription but the Pro Dialing feature is turned off.

πŸ“ž Answer - Picks up the second incoming call and drop the one you are engaged in. Because of your subscription level, you can only answer one call at a time and cannot place them on hold.

πŸ“΅ Decline - Declines the incoming call, sending it immediately to the next step in your Call Flow. You will find them in the Recent Calls and you can come back to it when you end your current conversation.

🀳 Ignore - The call will continue through the entire Ring Time (as set by your Call Flow) yet you will not hear the ringing disturbing your active call. This call will no longer be visible on your dialer, but you can find it in Recent Calls.

The transfer call function works the same as usual - a cold transfer for Standard.

Transfer acts differently in a Standard subscription (or when the Pro Dialing is turned off) versus a Pro Subscription.

Pro Subscription with Pro Dialing enabled

With a smrtPhone Pro Subscription, you have an additional option of putting the first call on hold to answer the second. You will have the option to merge the calls into one, creating a group call or a warm transfer scenario.

πŸ“ž Answer & End - Picks up the second incoming call and drops the one you are engaged in.

πŸ“ž Answer & Hold - Picks up the second incoming call and put the first one on hold. Once you are now engaged in the new conversation, your previous interlocutor will hear your set Hold Music. You would have the ability to switch back and forth and even merge calls.

πŸ“΅ Decline - Declines caller's call, allowing them to know that you are not reachable.

🀳 Ignore - The caller is still going to ring, yet you will not hear the ringing disturbing you while mid-call.

By clicking the buttons while Answer and Hold you are now reproducing the warm transfer scenario, creating a group call.

The Hold button ⏸️ will place all the calls on hold, and the Resume button ▢️ will act globally, resuming all calls in the conference.

While in the conference call, no matter who hangs up, the call will continue for the remaining participants. They can continue the conference for up to 10 minutes, and this will count toward your usage.

Mobile App

Call Waiting within the Mobile Apps has the same functionality as in the other dialers, although the action buttons look slightly different. You have the same options for incoming calls, depending on your subscription level, or turning on/off the Pro Dialing feature, without the Ignore button.

While you are on another call, you will see the new incoming communication as a pop-up notification.

Clicking on it, the level of your subscription will allow you either to end and accept/decline the new call or even to add it to a conference call if you have the Pro Subscription.

Once a new call is coming, you can press the green Answer button and then you can select from the provided options. As normal, a Pro Subscription will also allow you to place people on hold.

The pop-up expands to the bottom of the screen when clicked, for a cleared image of these options.

All functions are available for all smrtPhone dialers and Android / iOS Mobile Apps, with the only variation being system settings (subscription level and Pro dialing activated).

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