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How do I activate Pro Dialing?
How do I activate Pro Dialing?

The features of your smrtPhone Pro subscription can be enabled for inbound and outbound calls

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Pro Dialing is the feature that comes with a Pro subscription that allows you to supervise your entire account:

Pro Dialing for Outbound Calls

You can turn on Pro Dialing for all outbound calls places from your account or for calls placed only by specific Users.

Global settings

All users in your smrtPhone account will be affected by this setting.

From your Admin Dashboard in Account Settings, you can set these features ON or OFF for your whole team.

Personalized by User

You can modify whether Pro Dialing is activated for each specific user.

For each individual User, it can be adjusted for whether they follow the global account settings or have their own Call Settings configuration. Go to Users and then select the gear icon โš™๏ธ next to the User you'd like to modify.

Make sure you first determine whether they use Default (global) or Custom, and then select Pro dialing from the list.

Pro Dialing Incoming Calls

Enabling Pro Dialing for incoming calls is controlled by the Call Flows. This means you can select which phone numbers are accessible for Call Monitoring. If Pro Dialing is enabled within the Call Flow, any number pointing to that Flow will have Call Monitoring, Group Calling, and Hold.

Go to Admin > Flows and edit the desired flow. Find the Pro Dialing option within the Dial Applet and toggle it on.

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