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Activate Call Monitoring on Inbound Calls (Pro Feature)
Activate Call Monitoring on Inbound Calls (Pro Feature)

Enable Pro Dialing features (Monitoring, Barging, Whispering, Warm Transfer and Hold Music) for Incoming calls

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Call Monitoring is available for both Outbound and Inbound communication for all smrtPhone Pro subscribers.

Whether to ensure quality customer service or to coach new agents during a conversation, Call Monitoring gives you the advanced functionality to Listen in on, Whisper, and Barge into calls.

The Pro Dialing feature comes automatically turned on, but you can enable/disable it by turning ON/OFF the Pro Dialing option inside a Call Flow. This will also affect Call Monitoring.

Head to Admin > Flows and directly edit the desired Flow. Turn it on and this will enable your calls for Monitoring, Barging, Whispering, Warm Transfer, and Hold Music for held calls

You can also use Pro Dialing features on Outgoing Calls, which can be turned on from Account Settings. Some features require permission to access them.

Setting Pro Dialing ON at the Call Flows level will allow any user with Call Monitoring permissions to see your Inbound Calls while they occur.

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