Hold Call (Pro Feature)

Learn how to place an active call on hold and activate hold music.

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Having the option to place calls on hold is useful for someone who deals with lots of calls and wants to keep in touch with all their leads.

The Hold option is only available for Pro subscribers.

Holding calls

Along with the first scenario, with incoming calls while midcall, sometimes you need to put an active call on hold to locate someone or find information.

smrtPhone Pro gives you the ability to place a call on hold directly from the Dialer by pressing the Hold button.

Placing a caller on hold means that neither you nor the caller will be able to hear each other. Your caller will hear the waiting sound that you've selected in the system.Β 

To get back to your lead, just press the Resume button, and you will be speaking again with that contact.

Hold music

You can customize your Hold Music by going to Admin > Account Settings > Hold Music. You have the option to either select default music or a file from your Media Manager.

Moreover, with your Pro Subscription, you can place an active call on hold when you receive a second incoming call and start a conference call via Call Waiting.

Call Waiting, like Holding Calls, is only available with an active Pro Subscription.

πŸ’‘ Call Waiting β‡’

πŸ’‘My Account Settings β‡’

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