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Activate Call Monitoring for Outbound Calls (Pro Feature)
Activate Call Monitoring for Outbound Calls (Pro Feature)

How to enable Pro Features (Barging, Whispering, Warm Transfer and Hold Music) for Outgoing Communications

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Call Monitoring is a Pro feature offered by smrtPhone, and available only with a smrtPhone Pro Subscription.

Initially, this feature comes ON for Pro subscribers. If you want to stop using it, you must manually turn OFF Pro Dialing. It is not an automatic process.

To manually change Pro Dialing's status for your outbound calls, head to Account Settings and toggle it on/off:

Call Monitoring allows you to take the following actions on live calls:

  • Listen in on a specific agent without them knowing or hearing.

  • Whisper to an agent during the call, such as coaching them on what to say, without the person on the line hearing.

  • Barge in on the call to enter without being conferenced in. You'll be heard by both the agent and the person on the line.

There are two ways to set up your Call Monitoring features:

1. Global Settings

From Admin Dashboard in Account Settings, you can set Pro Dialing features ON or OFF for your agents.

All Users in your smrtPhone account will be affected by this setting.

Once Pro Dialing is toggled ON from Account Settings, all live calls are visible from the Call Monitoring Tab as they occur.

This only works as mentioned if only the users choose Default setting for their Pro Dialing feature. If they use Custom, this will be overwritten.

2. Personalized by User

To turn on Pro Dialing for a specific User, access the Admin Dashboard > Users and select the gear icon next to who you want to have access to Pro Dialing.

In the Call Settings section, select whether Pro Dialing is toggled ON or OFF.

When you toggle on Pro Dialing for individual users - Use Custom option, this overrides the Account's Global Settings. IE: if you have Pro Dialing OFF on the Account Level, but a user has it turned ON, they will be able to access Pro Dialing features. If you keep Use Default, then the Account's settings will overwrite the User's settings.

Having Pro Dialing on at the User's level allows everyone with granted permissions to see your outgoing calls while they occur.

Pro Dialing can help you keep an eye on certain Agents, such as those who are still in training, but you don't want to monitor all outbound calls.

βž• With these Pro Features also come:

  • Hold Music - Place a caller on hold and set a sound for them to listen to while waiting. Choose from your media files or select a default sound from the list.

  • Call Waiting - Answer an incoming call while already on a live call.

Friendly Reminder β€” you need a smrtPhone Pro subscription to enable Pro Dialing!

πŸ’‘ Overview of Admin Dashboard β‡’

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