Call Monitoring is a Pro feature offered by the smrtPhone system.

This video will demonstrate how this feature acts:

❗️Note: Call Monitoring is available only with a smrtPhone Pro subscription.

Call Monitoring allows you to take action in live calls, including:

  • Listen to a specific agent (no one will hear you)

  • Whisper to an agent during the call - coaching them on what to say, without the person on the line hearing you.

  • Barge in on the call - Breaking into the call and being heard by the agent and the person on the line, without having to be conferenced in.

There are two ways of setting up your monitoring feature:

1. Global settings

All users in your smrtPhone account will be touched by this setting

From your Admin Dashboard in Account Settings, you can set these features ON or OFF for your agents, setting this for all at once.

By setting them ON from the Account Settings, you can be sure that all the calls of this agent are visible in Call monitoring while they occur.

2. Personalized by User

You can modify for each specific user.

Access the Admin Dashboard > Users and here you can select each user and modify feature access: press the setting gear icon and modify accordingly.

In the Dashboard, the Account Owner/Users with granted permissions can personalize for each user if an agent can or cannot use Pro dialing.

By setting this ON, you are now sure that this agent can use this feature.

This setting helps you to overwrite the global setting.

❗️Remember: Pro Dialing can help you to keep an eye on certain agent(s) in particular. Maybe you don't want to monitor all your outbound calls. If so, you can personalize this feature user by user.

With these Pro Features also comes:

  • Hold music - place the person on the line on hold and set a sound for him/her to listen to while waiting - you can choose from your media files or select a default one by scrolling throughout the list.

❗️Note: Because Pro Dialer enables/disables the Pro features for calls coming through a flow, including Call Monitoring and Warm Transfers, for Call Monitoring to work, you need 1) a smrtPhone Pro subscription and 2) to have Pro dialing enabled!

Please, do not forget that to use these features, you must turn ON the Pro Dialing.

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