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Warm Transfer & Group / Conference Calling (Pro Feature)
Warm Transfer & Group / Conference Calling (Pro Feature)
How to create a conference call between multiple users or phone numbers - and either stay on or drop off
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As a smrtPhone Pro subscriber, you can do a Warm Transfer of a call, in which you introduce a caller to another User before transfer. You can also add a caller, or multiple callers, to create a conference call.

A warm transfer is the best way to hand off a call to another department or User inside your company without hanging up the call. It's important to keep leads on the line!

How to Use Warm Transfer

The Warm Transfer feature is easily accessed for both incoming and outgoing calls as long as you have Pro Dialing enabled on your account

To warm transfer a call, press the ➕Add Call transfer icon in the Dialer.

By pressing the Add Call icon you are given the option to transfer the call to another User or to another phone number. 

This creates a Conference Call between your agents and the person on the line. You can add multiple Users/phone numbers to the conference (Up to 250 participants per call).

To transfer, simply disconnect yourself and the other parties will stay connected.

This video demonstrates how the Warm Transfer process works:

Keep in mind that with smrtPhone Standard, only a cold transfer is available.

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