This article is going to briefly show how Call Monitoring works.

❗️ Keep in mind that Call Monitoring is a feature that is available only with a Pro Subscription. And it is something only Administrators can do.

All your live calls that are happening are visible here, in your smrtPhone Page:

Admin > Call Monitoring. From this main menu of live calls, you can choose which call to monitor and how you would like to do it.

As an Admin, you can see all live calls that occur in your system, while they occur. Your action options are:

  • Listen - offers you the possibility to listen to a specific agent/user/call and no one will hear you

  • Whisper - this allows you to talk to your agent while in the call, without the third party to hear your conversation. This feature comes in handy while training agents, so you can coach them on what to say without the lead hearing you.

  • Barge - break into the conversation without needing to be conferenced in. The agent making the call and the person on the line will be able to hear you.

Note: Pro features are available by subscription only - also, for inbound calls, the Pro features must be enabled in your Call Flows to work.

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