Anyone you add to your smrtPhone account is considered a User.

You can add/remove users, control their permissions, and create Groups for easy management of Call Flows.

Under the Admin menu in the left navigation (≡), you'll find the users tab. Here you can:

  • Add users

  • Remove users

  • Adjust permissions

  • Create user groups

  • Add users to groups

Adding Users

Podio Users: You can add users from your Podio system by clicking the "Add User" button or invite users by email.

Salesforce User: You can add new users by searching their names in the smrtPhone "Add User" box.

For a user to be found here, the first step to be taken is sending an email from Salesforce to make it part of your CRM.

Then, you can add it to smrtPhone.

Remove Users

You can remove users by clicking the garbage can next to their name.

How to remove a user from smrtPhone >>

Adjusting Permissions

Anyone you designate with customized permissions will have the capability to make decisions and changes within your smrtPhone system.

You can decide they will be having some permissions when you bring them into the system, or you can go into the user settings button ⚙️ next to their name and toggle permissions on/off.

Creating Groups

You can group users together into Groups for coordinating purposes. This becomes important, especially for your Call Flows. You can have as many groups as you'd like.

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