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Which smrtDialer Plan should I sign up for? Single or Multi-line?
Which smrtDialer Plan should I sign up for? Single or Multi-line?

How many lines do you want to dial simultaneously?

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When thinking about which smrtDialer plan you want to sign up for, remember that it's all about call volumes. The multi-line dialer allows more numbers to be called in a period of time because it can ring many numbers at the same time.

Both smrtDialer single line and multi-line have the same functionality in terms of setting and customizing campaigns. The only difference is the flexibility in the number of simultaneous calls that can be placed.

  • smrtDialer single line offers one (1) line to be dialed out at a time and is extremely effective for taking the hassle out of outreach and follow-ups.

  • smrtDialer multi-line offers up to four (4) lines of simultaneous calling, which increases your outbound call volume. It's especially good for calling lead lists.

With a multi-line subscription, you are in control of how many lines are dialed simultaneously. You can choose to dial all four or three, or two - or even just one. The flexibility allows you to match the number of lines dialed to your campaign strategy is and which agent is making the calls.

For example, if your list has a high probability of wrong numbers, you may want to use all four lines so you can bash through the list faster and ensure your agent's time is being used for the actually connected conversations.

If I use a multi-line dialer, do I need more phone numbers?

All calls made from a single seat within the multi-line smrtDialer subscription are placed on the same phone number. You do not need to purchase four separate phone numbers. One single number is used for each Caller ID for the outbound calls, which streamlines any returned calls from prospects and makes campaign tracking easier.

πŸ”† Remember that the multi-line dialer is not all-or-nothing - you set the number of dialers to use during each call session. It typically depends on the type of calling and the origin of the call list that determines which is the best strategy and smrtDialer subscription for your team.

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