Select smrtDialer from the left hand menu, and it will open with five options in the submenu:

  • Campaigns (open by default)

  • Monitoring

  • DNC Numbers

  • Documentation

  • Setup


Campaigns are the heart of smrtDialer. This is where you set up your different lists to be called, determine how they will be called, and what will happen when specific dispositions are chosen at the completion of calls.

Monitoring (Pro feature)

If you have smrtPhone Pro, Call Monitoring is available for smrtDialer calls as well as regular smrtPhone calls. Call Monitoring allows you to watch all of the active smrtDialer calls, listen in, and whisper or barge as needed.

DNC Numbers

This is where numbers who are on the Do Not Call list appear - whether they have been added through a smrtDialer disposition or manually added to the list from this section.


This is a quick link that will bring you right back to this resource library at to look or how-to guides or find answers to your questions.


This is where the core setup for smrtDialer will take place. In this section, you will manage your seats and user permissions.

Seats - smrtDialer is run and billed on a per-seat basis. However, these are not named seats, so you can swap users in and out depending on the schedule.

To change users from active to inactive (or vice versa) simply drag and drop their names from one column to the other.

Managing Seats will take you to an interface where you can add seats or downgrade seats, if needed.

Campaign Permissions - If the permissions are on, then only the Account Owner and Users with granted permissions will be able to edit or adjust campaigns. When you turn it off, anyone in a seat will be able to make changes to the campaigns.

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