Everybody has the right to enjoy their peace, and we are here to make sure that this happens. You don't want to force trying to do business with someone who doesn't want to hear from you - that's not great for your reputation, and it's actually illegal.

This article will help you process with those specific leads who clearly wanted not to be called again, to keep you from contacting them again.

To set a contact to "Do Not Call" you have two easy options:

  1. Dispositions - at the end of the phone call, your agents have the opportunity to mark a number with the DNC disposition. Those contacts (that particular phone number of a contact, not the lead with all their numbers) will get listed in the DNC Numbers and can be checked/seen in your Admin Dashboard - DNC Numbers.

  2. smrtDialer - to manually set a contact to DNC, scroll down to DNC Numbers section of your smrtDialer submenu:

πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ This option also can be reached from smrtPhone Page > Dashboard > Admin, then selecting DNC Numbers.

Once this window opens, you can see:

  • DNC list of contacts - all leads that, for one reason or another, are marked Do not Call. We have automatically disabled calling these contacts.

  • 'Add to DNC' button - where you can manually add that specific contact that you no longer can call

- press this button to add a contact to the DNC list. You will be notified that the number will be automatically skipped for all your campaigns. (Note: this feature operates at a global level for your account. It impacts both smrtPhone and smrtDialer and disables outbound calls towards that number. Learn more about DNC management>> )

Note: please be aware that when adding to DNC, you will add only a particular phone number, not the contact. This case is available only if that contact had only one phone number. If they had more than one, only the selected one will be added to the DNC list.

- you can remove a number from the list if, for example, was incorrectly marked after a phone call, or added by mistake. Simply check the list, find your misplaced contact, and press on the trash bin icon to remove it from the DNC Number list.

🚩 Be aware of local and federal regulation (FCC)

When removing a phone number from the DNC list, be aware of the reason why the contact was there in the first place, of the local and federal regulation stating the issues with mention DNC-status from the lead and what consequences removing it from the list might have.

To help you with this, the system will automatically provide a pop-up window, allowing you to select the reason why you want to remove a contact from this particular sensitive list.

In order to delete a contact from DNC, select a valid reason and then you can press the "Delete" button.

Note: We treat everybody with respect, meaning that once a phone number was marked DNC, the system will automatically skip that number from your campaigns.

Learn more about DNC within smrtPhone/smrtDialer

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