To use smrtDialer, you must have been granted access by an administrator and given access to an individual campaign.

Access smrtDialer through the calling phone icon in the left-hand menu. (📞)

As a typical non-administrative user of smrtDialer, you will see three options under the smrtDialer menu:

  • Campaigns

  • DNC Numbers

  • Documentation

Documentation will take you back here, to the how-to guides for smrtDialer and all of smrtPhone.

DNC Numbers is where you will go if you forgot to mark a call as DNC and need to manually add it to the list.

Campaigns is the menu that matters most - and is also the default menu when you click into smrtDialer.

Once you are in Campaigns, you will see all of the campaigns you have permissions for, as set by your system administrator. If your list of accessible campaigns is long, you can:

  • Use the pagination at the bottom to scan through screen by screen

  • Increase the number of visible records to see more items per page using the drop down at the bottom

  • Filter the results using the blue filter widget at the top, to narrow by Title or Status.

Once you click into a Campaign, you will see pertinent campaign data.

  • Campaign setup

  • Whether campaign has been called previously

  • How many calls have been made against the campaign

As a User, you will not have access to Campaign Settings. If you need something updated in the campaign, please contact your Administrator.

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