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Once you are inside the campaign you'd like to dial, you can start a new dialing session by clicking the green "▶️ New Call Session" button in the upper right.

If you have not dialed this campaign in a while, we recommend re-syncing contacts from Podio to make sure any updates are incorporated. If you are confident in your list, you can simply move ahead with Run the Campaign.

Once you click in to run the campaign, you will be placed online but dialing will be paused. Under the Settings menu at the top, you can toggle on/off "Auto-Resume Calling" which will set whether you'd like continuous calling - where the next call will dial as soon as the first is completed - or if you'd like to manually push the calls.

To unpause, you must click the Play ▶️ button in the upper left.

You will be able to see the lines begin to dial.

When a call connects, the information for the lead will populate the screen. You can address the call, follow the script (if included), take notes, and complete the call when you are ready. Once a call is completed, you must select the proper disposition to clear the call. (Proper disposition tracking is extremely important to make smrtDialer work most efficiently for you.)

With Auto-Resume Calling off, you must now unpause dialing again.

If a second line connected at the same time as your first, it will be labeled as "Callback pushed". When you are ready to unpause dialing again, that callback number will be the first to be dialed.

Learn how to use call script forms in smrtDialer >>

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