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Can I Change/Delete Leads from a Campaign?
Can I Change/Delete Leads from a Campaign?

Change Lead Status or delete the Lead once your run a smrtDialer Campaign

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Manually Change Call Status for Your Leads

It's easy to change a Lead Status if you or one of your agents set the wrong one. You must have applicable user permissions to do so.

Head to Campaign > Imported Lead > Select Lead and use the ✏️ pen icon from the Action column to access Basic Details and manually change the Lead Status.

Manually Change Call Status for Your Leads

You have the same status options as in the Campaign.

The statuses that you can select for the leads are the same ones used in your campaigns and are set in smrtDialer Setup, or in Podio, if that's your preferred CRM.

This Lead Status change operates at the Lead level and is not triggered in the CRM.

However, the system will assume the changed Lead Status when a new smrtDialer Campaign is created or the same one is re-run.

For example: during a smrtDialer Campaign, you selected Callback for a lead but changed it to DNC after the session was finished. In a new campaign, this lead will be skipped.

Delete the Lead After You Ran an Excel-based Campaign

If your smrtDialer Campaign is Excel-based, you can delete a lead from the campaign entirely. If, for any reason, you consider a lead to not be useful to a particular campaign, you can delete it. That lead will not be called again when you re-run the smrtDialer Campaign.

Head to Campaign > Imported Leads > Lead and hit the delete button🗑️.

This action will delete the lead from that particular campaign, not from the system or from your CRM. If you want to make any further changes within the CRM, you need to operate it manually.

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