From the smrtPhone Dashboard, you can easily access an address book that contains all of your contacts that are synced with your CRM. You can search, see all phone numbers associated with a contact, view contact history, update, and even call/text from the Contacts section of smrtPhone.

Note: Only Account Owners and Users with granted permissions can access Contacts Page.

To access your address book, click on the Contacts button on your Admin Dashboard.

All your contacts can be sorted, depending on your needs:

  • The name of the contact (A-Z or Z-A)

  • Contact's primary phone number

  • The date on which the contact was created

  • The date on which the contact was last updated

Just use the arrows to arrange the lists in the desired order, depending on what column header you select.

Adding a new contact

You can easily add a contact from within smrtPhone that will be synced back to your CRM. On the upper right part of the screen, click the New Contact button to add new contacts in your account.

Note: Please complete all required fields. A contact that misses the Last / First name or the Phone Number cannot be saved and might generate an error message.

Once you completed all fields, you can now press the Create Contact button and this new contact will be added to your list and synced to your CRM.

Contact Details & Modification

Once you click on a particular contact in your list, you can see details like the company they belong to, the role (position), and all phone numbers attached. You have some options such as Rename Contact or to view communication history connected to this particular contact.

The View in CRM option will open a new tab directly to that contact within your CRM.

You can also use the πŸ“ž πŸ’¬ icons to Click-to-call or Click-to-text. Because this is accessible only from the Web App, it will drop the main dashboard dialer and either call the number or display the Compose Message window.

Do not Call Badge

In this place, you can also see if the contact has any number enrolled in the DNC list. When you click on the contact's name, the system will display next to the contact's phone number a red badge, reminding you of the fact that they have numbers added to the Do Not Call list.

You can see the entire list of DNC numbers stored in your system, by accessing your smrtPhone Dashboard ->Admin -> DNC Numbers.

Rename contact

If you want to edit a contact, you simply click on their name and hit the Rename Contact button when the menu drops down, modify the Last or the First Name, and when finished, just press the Update button.

In case you've changed your mind and don't want to modify it anymore, click on Cancel.

Contact history

The History button will slide open a window on the right side of the screen, with all Contact History that exists. This communication log between your company and this particular contact includes inbound and outbound calls, sent and received SMS text messages. It is a comprehensive view from all Users and Caller IDs within smrtPhone.

At this time, there are no further actions you can take from the Contact History. If you need to see more info about the specific communication, you need to check in your CRM or look at your Logs inside of smrtPhone.

Note: Please keep in mind that the Billing and Logs tab is only accessible to the Account Owner and users with granted permissions.

Merge or Delete Contacts

The only way to delete a contact is to delete it from your CRM. If you find duplicate records, the only way to reconcile them is from within your CRM, following your CRM's process for merging duplicate records.

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