Call Logs and SMS logs report on all communications transactions by month.

Logs are a great way to understand the individual items that are billed. You can see the different activities in more detail - especially the per-transaction pricing - than you can in the CRM dedicated place.

Where can you see your Call Logs and SMS Logs?

Your logs are available under your Account Menu, in the upper right corner.

Once you click through, you can choose whether you'd like to view Call Logs or SMS Logs. You have full visibility over your activity.

Call Logs

When looking at call logs: First, make sure you are in the correct month, by using the drop-down menu on the upper right. Then, you can see all activity for that month, including:

  • User who placed or received the call

  • Direction (inbound/outbound)

  • Status

  • From number*

  • To number*

  • How much does it cost

  • Duration/length

  • "View in CRM" button that will take you to the call record in your CRM

  • Any associated call recording

You can also filter the results to find specific calls that you'd like to analyze.

SMS Logs

Similar to Call Logs, you can see:

  • Date

  • From number*

  • To number*

  • Content - if you hover over, the message will pop up

  • Direction (inbound/outbound)

  • Price

You can also filter your SMS Logs to find a specific message.

One thing to remember is that SMS texts are charged per 160 characters. Texts that are longer than 160 will be charged as two messages, even though for most carriers they appear to the recipient as a single message.

*when filtering by number, do not include + sign in front of the number. You can include a partial number and the results will include all numbers that contain that sequence of digits anywhere in the phone number. Example use case: search for all numbers of a specific area code.

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